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Jenns Favourite Famous proverb of the week -
"Remember, the wet beaver smiles when tickled!"
- "The Hairy Arsed Bloke Behind the Camera" from Big Brother
Before I introduce this site, I have a problem that I need the help of my Jennerlings for!
 Heres the deal - my dad, who loves Neil dearly, I know it... wants to get rid of Neil. Neil is my beloved pet rat, but recently shes began causing my various family members to have chest problems. The reason I dont feel much remorse is because both family members smoke, and refuse to give up, just to prove that its not Neil thats causing the problems. So what should I do?!? Get rid of Neil just so they can keep up their filthy habit?! Or stand my ground and watch my family members die?! I know what I want to do, so bye bye dad and katie! See ya in the next life and all that jazz! But I need your help in this poll to prove it! State what you think I should do! Do I keep Neil in my room where shes well looked after, or move her to the shed where she has to fight with the spiders for her own food?! Or do I get rid of her altogether?!?! Please help!!! Thanks!

IIIIIIIIITS..... ME! HOORAY! - tm of Lt. Flashheart

 Sooo yeah! Jennerz is back with a vengence... and a few changes! For those cool few of you who had the divine honour of seeing my last site will already know that im as eccentric as a badger in a pinstripe suit when I get typing! So watch out! Your in dangerous territory!
Well, my last website had a total of 60 pages, so I thought "I think, as your so wise and inteligent, you should start a new website to promote peace and love!"
But I, again, woke up to think "NAH! I'll just start a new site where I can talk absolute bollocks for just my (three) friends to see!!!!"
So, here it is. I promise that it wont be as long as my old site, because even I got tired of reading all of the pages after a while (and ive been in Mr Griffiths biology lessons, so I can withstand a lot of boredom!!!)
And heres a taste of The Old Jennerz!
    "Lets just say that the world ended.... the human race ceased to exist..... the entire earth as we know it would stop! I mean, you only get a two, maybe three, hundred thousand years worth of each species.  Well, look at dinosaurs! They're extinct, and all they did was eat grass! Now imagine how long humans are gonna last, with all these wars and global warming! So lets just say the race of mamals known as "Humans" ceased to be...... and there was nothing on earth..... nothing and no one.........
 And, me being God, hears one question and one question only in reply to this.....
 "When the human race is extinct... and everyone we know and love is dead and gone....and theres nothing left on earth....... will this site still exsist?!?!"
 of course, my answer is "YES! You can access it from heaven, hell or any other spiritual plane that you should so desire!!! Have fun!"
So, please enjoy! And if you do enjoy this site, please feel free to venture into some of the other sites that I (and my firneds) have made, because theyre fab too (especially the one made my Dom... shes even madder than me!!!! And thats before we've got a bottle o' booze in her paws!!)

Dudes have been dudey enough to come onto this well dudesome site! DUDE!

From the creator of Jennerz Your God