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Proof I have mates..... Photographic evidence!

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OK, so the title says "mates".... but thats not strictly true. Some of them are friends, others foes. and the pink haired one..... shes just a mere sibling.
OK! so here goes!
 The Top Picture:
Arthur - Blonde, young.... huddy as a second skin. Oh, and part Welsh.
Louise - The sexy one in the tiara. 'Nuff said.
Emily - Brief snappette of her there.
Thomas - The one at the back with the fringe and matching sweatbands.
Lauren - The one in the pink shirt, being all fab!
Claire - Have you ever seen Lord Of The Rings? And smelt urine at the same time? 'Coz this is basically a summery of the whole experience!!!
Lib - Notice how shes got something in her mouth? Yeah, that happens a lot.
Liz - Ahhhh Liz. back when she was but a mere blonde. Shes all purply-black haired now!
Bradley - The cock with the hair like an ever-abused mop.
The bottom Pic:

Fish - Just blonde and eating a mag. Thats it really.
Keet - The Sibling that really should get her 'fro back that colour.
Dom - The bestest person ever to have come from that japenese laboratory after that chemical mix-up! Shes so great and my bestest bud in the whole wide universe (and thats big, considering Lib can still be contained within it!!!!!!)

Some fab people, some fat people (well, one)

From the creator of Jennerz Your God