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Of course, we hear it all the time! I am hilarious. And of course, so is Dom. But we dont just make it up as we go along! Well, sometimes we do, but only after half a packet of tunes and a bottle of cheap Lambrini, and thats why Im here today!
 TO SPREAD THE GOOD WORD! Well, WORDS! Plural, for there is so many! and here goes, some fave quotes from myself and D'monk! And many more besides (considering they have to be funny). And look out for funny lyrics too!

"Stick the whip" - origin: While underlining the rude words in poems from our anthology, we found this saying! It just isnt rude, but made us wet ourselves!!

"Limbo....Limbo like me" - origin: Another of our anthology's finest! Also known as the following:
"Limbo the fuck like me!" *from a text Dom sent me. love it!*
"Limbo.....................limbo, like me" *said like a newreader with great consideration fot such words
"Leemmbo.... leemmbo lyke mee!" *with jamacan accent*

"And all that jazz" - origin: A song from "Chicago". Sometimes, Dom sings it, but it is also said. Often used as a polite version of "...and all that shit".

"FLASH! Aaaaah!" - origin: I think Dm just came out with this famous Queen lyic one day, and pictures have been drawn ever since!

"Violent pornography, choking chicks and soddomy!" - origin: System Of A Down lyric from the new album, Mezmerize! Loving it!!!!

"Dak-Ead" - origin: Im not sure. The ancestor of this word is "Dick Head", but somehow it got mangled along the way.

"See ya Dom...... See ya!" - origin: Whilst stood in The Relm like bad ass minions of Satan (IE scaring Y7s with our goat stories), young Daniel K came over to say hello. But his "goodbye" was far more hilarious! hence it being a fave quote ever since!!!

"The Relm" - origin: Also known as The Relm of Goats. Its mine and Dom's Winter Hangout near the electornics room.

"....True story!" - origin: I usually say it after things, as it is derived from Phil Jupitus' impression of Eddie Izzard!
 "Toast Darth Vader..... oh, you can only eat triangles.......Toblerone Darth Vader?... True story!!!!"

"I DO know!" - origin: A quote that I stole from the notorious Double Act that is Vic and Loz!

"Clit flap" - origin: I felt the need to call Tom Brennan a name in the form room. It just seemed to catch on.

"Sooooo yeah" - origin: Another great Eddie Izzard quote. I say it when nobody else is talking and i want to start up a conversation.

"Timmy" - origin: See "Timmy Training". The short and short of it is that theres a young disabled boy on South Park called "Timmy". Hence the name. Also linked to "Timmy Bus", "Timmy Training" and "Timmy Teacher".

"Keep your ring tasting great with glutamate" - origin: After reading the ingredients for Hoola Hoops, Dom came across this funny ingredient. And made up her own little slogan!!!

"Fat Lib" - origin: Well Lib was born..... and 16 years later, many a pie has been consumed. YOU do the maths! And I say it a lot, often follwed by a witty comment such as when Dom tried to drag me into a tent shop, i said that I refused to go shopping for Libs prom dress! hahaha true story!!!! I suppose you had to either be there, or not one of her friend to have laughed. I suppose thats why I laughed....

"I LOVE YOU BABY, AND IF ITS QUITE ALRIGHT, I NEED YOU BABY.... *INCOHERENT BABBLING*... BABY!" - origin: Well, when the fab Adrian Edmondson was on Fame Academy, he sang a punk version of this "classic". And at Corp one week, me, Dom and Rachel decided that we just had to recreate the scene. It has become a fave ever since!

"Round round get around... I GET AROUND.... Oooooooooooh!" - origin: Drunk and foolish, me, Dom and Rachel noticed that a young man was wearing sandles and a hiwian shirt in town. We decided that he was a member of the Beach Boys, and waited 20 minutes for him to come out of the shop so we could sing this classic at him! Great days!

From the creator of Jennerz Your God