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"Can my friend come in, he's got jam for brains?"
- Bit of The Izzard there!
right kiddy-winks ive been away or a wee while (stuff to do, people to see..... or is that the other way round!) anyway ive been busy! and heres a random update..... so, until next time..... *points at camera* "lets be careful out there!"
right stuff ive done:
- Watched loads of late night TV (EG Quizmania, with the amazing Greggles, more on that legend later!)
- Had xmas. but we all did that, right? except those un-believers amongst you! in which case, why are you on my site? Jennerlings should celebrate xmas, and not complain when we have xmas lights up, you facist bullyboy negative vibe merchants!!
- Tried to change the name of the site but couldnt coz (A) all you jennerlings wouldnt be able to find it and would think "oh no she hates us, kill ourselves NOW!" and (B) Tripod wouldnt let me. The facist bullyboy negative vibe merchants!!! Have I used that diss already? Oh well, they are!
- Watched quite a few million hours worth of Rik and Ade stuff, amongst other comedians EG: Eddie Izzard, Harry Hill (Who ive got reet obsessed with!) and etc etc!!!!
- applied to a brand spanking new college! Havnt got my letter of acceptance yet, but its not due til feb! and if they reject me, then theyre just facist bullyboy negative vibe merchants who're gunna feel my wrath! If they reject me i'll end up on't dole coz im sooooo not going back to all bitch saints!
- Must speak of Greggles! He really is my new fave legend! hes on some nights on ITV1 at about 2am, presenting a show called Quizmania. Basically, you phone them up on live TV and they give you cash! if you give them a good answer! FAB! and the best bit is reggles - hes about late 30s and hes HYPERACTIVE! hes just so groovy! he even ran to the phone and fell over, causing a nose bleed live on the teev! LEGEND!
- errrm nowt else has happened. tried and failed to get a job. negative vibe merchant employers know nowt! I only grew me 'fro back so I would be employable, and now look! LOOK! im unemployed with no punk 'fro! STILL!
- That really is it. other than the fact that ive mellowed in my old age. I dont have time for merchants who give off negative vibes (AKA Negative Vibe Merchants - TM of Neil.... the Young Ones character, not my rat!)
- Oh and Neils in't shed. it had to happen, she was causing a rukus! And speaking of pets, I got some FISH!!!! Theyre reet good! Quite, smell nice and make me laugh (ie pretending to be dead by floatin about near the top of the tank..... or at least i think they pretend.....) and they're called Filthy, Rich and Catflap!!! I still love Neil, shes always gunna be my fave. and in other pet news, Fry (vics 3 year old fish) died the other day. awww. and Lexy (the stupid rabbit) ripped SPGs (the cute rabbit) ear to pieces. the fucker! it wernt an audition for watership down! whats point! the facist bullyboy negative vibe merchant!!!!
- Arctic Moneksy rule! fuckin sick goth band from sheffield that've made it big! GO ON MONKEYS!
 In a bit y'all! keep watching neighbours! Free Smithy on't Bill (Hes innocent i say INNOCENT!!!)! Maggot to win Big Bro! Seaman to win Dancing On Ice (tee hee)! I still watch too much reality TV, but what the hell eh!! Peace out! Jenn -X-

From the creator of Jennerz Your God