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Here is a good idea. You know how we learn something new everyday? oh, you didnt know that, well, you've learnt it now! Anyway, seeing as I am a fully pledged member of college (oooh yes, how Jennerz has grown) I am learning something new everyday. And because I, as your god, am teacher and creater of all things, I will teach ye the ways of Jennerz. ALSO!!!! Feel free to tellme what YOU have learnt today, by visiting the links at the bottom!
 Welcome to "What Jenn Learns Day by Day"
30th of september, 2005
Today I learnt that if Ilog onto Tripod with my account in the school library, then everyone else in the room can access my account details! Oh my Jenn!!!!! Rachel just went onto tripod, as you do, and I was logged on! WHY IS THIS OH MIGHTY LORD OF COMPUTERS!?!
 Shock to the system, I knew you'd agree!
And, as this is my first day of learning, I learnt TWO things! The second learny thing is "if I had a farm, full of llamas,it would be a llama farm. And If I hired somebody to look after them, he'd be a LLAMA FARMER! HOW 'MAZING! IS THAT!?!
November 14th 2005
 As ive not been on this for ages, I'll do more than one fact -
1) did you know, my comp decided to die on me, and its only just stated working again?
2) Last year, there were millions of deaths involving toasters, but only four involving sharks. "Now i don't see any big plans to exterminate millions of..... toasters!" - Johnny Rotten
3) You can't get down from a horse, just from a goose. - Vic and Bob
4) Everyday is like sunday - The Smiths
5) All Saints 6th form is crap!
6) Harry Hill is off his nut!!! HES FAB TOO!
    OK, a REAL fact (although the others are too). but this one will wow your friends! IM THE BEST!
November 19th 2005
 Today I learnt that the "Daily-Fact-That-Updates-Itself" box doesnt actually update itself. I learnt a few days ago that "2 headed snakes fight themsleves for food", and now im learning the same things all over again! Its like an RE lesson!
 Oh yeah, another thing I learnt - The librarians a reet biatch! And everyone things so! But noone has the balls, or spunk - if you like, to bother signing a petition to agree so. Well some people did, including my father. Oh father dearest! lol!
 AND! I finally found a shop that sells Drop Dead Fred on DVD! Get down to your local HMV now with £6.99! A great investment, as its something to show the grandkids!
 Jenn -x-

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