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Older And Wiser - The Jennerz Story

Adopt Gina, Shabs and Neil
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Gina and Shabobkin (AKA Shabs) are two loveable fish who live in a small aquarium near Tom's window. But they need your help. With your loving emails, they can make it through another day. Feed them and play with them, and grow to love the scaley little bastards! I love them really, but to adopt either one or all, just email and tell him you love his fish. You could also send money, but please send that to thats, er, a donation charity for fish email adress.

adopt your own virtual pet!

adopt your own virtual pet!

This is Neil. Shes a hamster, based on the real life pet of Jennerz Your God. Although the real Neil, who is the real deal, I can tell you, is a real rat called Neil, its almost confusing to think that the real Neil is nothing like the fake Neil, and the real Neil is the real deal, alright? As the fake Neil is  hamster, but the real Neil is the real deal and eats real meals and stuff!
 So, to adopt this lovable pet, email and i will send you the necessary HTML so you can have her for your site. alternativly, make your own hamster. or hedgehog! Or llama!!!!! Or all three! Just by clicking the llink to the original site! Go on!
 Also, let Neil play on her wheel. The real Neil, who is the real deal, doesn't have a real Neil wheel, although she is real. Let the fake Neil play along!

adopt your own virtual pet!

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From the creator of Jennerz Your God