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To see more lovable creatures, visit your local pet shop. Or, alternativly, visit this page and ADOPT ONE! WOW! Adopt Gina, Shabs and Neil
This is Derek, my llama. Shes such a punk ass bitch 'coz shes pink motherfucker!
 Shes so great isnt she!!? Yes, she is a she. When  I adopted her (yes, adopted, I didnt give birth to her myself, you freaks) she was nameless, but she suits Derek methinks.
 At birth, her mother had three llama-lets (aka baby llamas). A white one, a brown one..... and a pink one. At first she was just pale pink, and unoticable, but as she grew older, the bright pink shone through. By the age of just 4 months old, Derek was left in the pocket of a (moderatly) designer jacket in New Look by her mother. She has no recolection of her mother, only her sibliblings. She loved her siblings, althought both were boys. They begged and pleaded with their mother not to give "The Nameless One" away, but the mother was a proud and cruel woman/ female llama.
 Dereks father was possibly a one-night stand, and her mother was probably just a llama-let when she met the male-llama. So she gave her disfigured child up for adoption.
 I felt sorry for Derek, and decided  could give it a home. THIS WEBPAGE!!! After all, I am God. And I love all things big and small, and cyber-born. I just hate Lib, and other things on my Je Deteste page (but theres reasons, as they displeased me).
 Anyway, meet derek. Feel free to play with her (click on her with your mouse). SHe doesnt do much ebcayuse shes very shy, so bare with her.
 I advise you to adopt an unfortunate pet like this one. CLick the link below Derek! You can get ducks whos parents drowned, hamsters whos mothers ran themselves into an early grave with their wheels, and even hedgehogs who's parents met their unfortunate demise due to a moterway and a big truck!

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This is Wet Bob. He has a similarily sad story to Derek. At the tender age of 2 and a half months, little chicklet, Wet Bob, watched her mother drown after forgetting to lift her head out of the water when diving under for bread. Wet Bobs dad always said hhis wife was forgetful, and that Hovis would be the death of her. But he did say that just moments before being shot. His wife may have been forgetful, but he could never resist a fancy dress party. especically as he had the best costume. he just shouldnt have dressed like a phestent on shooting day.
 So, Wet Bob was alone. His siblings had all swam away when they were old enough, but Wet Bob has a dodgy leg, and kept swimming in circles.
 But my heart felt for little Wet Bob. I took him under my arm, and he took me under his wing.... And I love him so. I help fixing his leg by putting painkillers on his toast before he eats it. He loves it.
 To give Wet Bob a taste of his own medicine.... on toast! Just click "more" at the bottom-right of the white box, and wait for the picture of the toast to appear. to feed him, drag the toast near to his mouth and click. He should take bites.

adopt your own virtual pet!

From the creator of Jennerz Your God