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This is the real happenings of what happened to me in August! Its so much (suprisingly!) that it needed its own page. Enjoy
August 2nd, 2005
 Not best pleased. No reason why not, just not. Met some guys. Well, not guys, so much as things. 'Coz I was at Toms for a few days, and what with him dwelling in the greenbelts of Sheffield, I saw many wee animals. I may list them, because I gave them all names. Yes, life is that bad in the countryside.
 Oh, but not SO bad. After all, why not go for a TWO BASTARD HOUR WALK TO OUGHTERBRIDGE! Pronouced "Oooootterbridge" and sounds very german. I have my suspicions that I did infact walk to germany. ...And to top off the insult, Tom was like "Oh that was fun".
 (Can you see the german trend in this entry?)
I shouldnt really compare my pain to those who died in the previously mentioned incidents... But thats life. Or death, as its more commonly known.
Not best of pleased when I got back to his, because within a few hours I was out again, visiting Chomper. But I love dear Chompster, and Ginger. (See possible new page for details)
  Thats all Jennerlings. If anyone actually reads these entries, can you please let me know on the guestbook, its looking sparse. Cheers!
 Love Jenn XxX
 *10 minutes later*
Made it. Here it be! Click here for a List Of Wee Animals
Love Jenn XxX
August 14th, 2005
 I have a sneaking suspicion that nobody reads these entries and theyre for my own personal amusment. In that case, I may state a few home truths.....
 1) Im so annoyed with my sister Katie going off the rails Ive considered running away about 20 times. The only thing that stopped me is that I feel so lonely that I have nowhere to go.
 2) I think all my mates think theyre better off with each other and leave me out on purpose. its gone from feeling like they had no choice to stop inviting me out to them actually genuinly not wanting me there.
 3) I wish Tom would stop getting jealous. Hes only got a tiny bit of info to go on. If he knew half the things that really happened between me and a certain someone (i dunno why im holding back the name, nobody'll read this but me) THEN he'd probably kill me, but til then I wish he'd get a grip.
4) i feel better now. Ahhh
 So yeah. onto other news. Jennerz thine God has made it official. I AM a punk! I AM hardcore! And I AM tattoo'd! FUCKIN' YES! Got me a tattoo last tuesday! Its a black heart with bat wings. It looks amazing and it didnt hurt a bit! Actually, I lie. it did hurt, but not as much as I expected. I didn't expect to get one but I asked mutti and she said "ok check the prices" and I got one!  was shaking like mad in the chair but the guy asked where  was from and said not to worry, so I just concentrated on a nearby washing up liquid bottle's ingredients. Who'd have thought it was made from Sodioum-bubble-homo-sexual-chloride. Or something like that.
 Bless me!
 Love Jenn XxXxXxX
August 19th, 2005
 6 days 'til results day. Eeeep. That day could turn into one of 2 days.
 1) A day of celebration as I will pass all subjects (except science, which I didnt make any effort on out of principle)
 2) a day of pissed-off-ness, where i find out ive wasted a few years of my up to now pointless life.
 I suspect the latter.
So yeah, nothing new. 'cept im getting more and more bored of Tom's posessive behaviour. I aught to give him a stuffed toy to cling to and let me get a life. Jeez louise! No wonder my mates dont wanna know me anymore! Dom asked if i wanted to go out, then quickly changed her mind 'coz she knew she'd have to spend time with me. I bet when she was in town with Rachel and everyone she was praying she didnt bump into me so she didnt have to explain things like "oh sorry I said I couldnt go out, but something came up".
 Either way, Toms suffocating me. 
 Love Jenn XxXxX
August 22nd, 2005
 Suffocated, stopped breathing, died. Well I might as well have. God forbid (the other God that is) that I go out with my mates. God forbid (again, the other God) that I have mates that arn't Tom. And GOD FORBID (you get the idea, the other God) that I have a MALE friend!
 How dare I! Do I want to be put in the stocks where im whipped and beaten, just for having another friend who happens to be male?! Well, if it was the middleages I probably would be, but this is 2005! I should be allowed to be friends with who I like, penis or no penis!
 Blimy O' Rileys trousers! I can't do ANYTHING! Im having a really terrible day, and then Tom goes and choses to anger me more. Firstly by making a faux pa, then deciding not to understand, then appologising falsely, then not understanding me again, then being a tossface.
 No, he doesnt deserve such a title, for t'was used by Sir Vim Fuago. Hes a male chauvenist pig, who thinks all women should be chained to the kitchen sink, so then can cook, clean and make ENDLESS COFFEES, or so he can have his merry way with her, whenever he sees fit. Well welcome to the 21st darlin', coz it just doesnt work like that anymore! I will not clean, I will not tidy up after you, I will not tolerate you being a general sexist, and I WILL NOT TOLERATE YOU FORCING YOUR MALE WAYS ON ME!
 No sir-ee bob.
    'Nuff of that. Ive found out that somebody, yes, a human, does read my God Log. And I didnt have to force him either (oh my Lord, a "HIM!". Surely not! For I must only have female friends(!)) and he ACTUALLY cares, not pretends.
 Anyway, I should stop this. I aught to calm down. So I need to talk with the only person who cares and understands me....
 Love Jenn XxxxX
August 23rd, 2005
 I think I was a bit harsh yesterday. But thats how I felt. And still feel. because even though I had my huge rant, he still hasnt taken it on board, and he still doesnt care.
 But at least someone does, so im ok. And people get what the deserve. Well I think they should at least anyway. So if he doesnt care, why should I?! And if theres someone else showing me attention, why shouldn't I act on it?!
 All questions that I cant be bothered to answer for myself.
 Also, I have found out I have not one but TWO visitors! Yes, thats why I made her a Saint! Saint Monica! And when she reads this,  hope she notices my "Saints"! page!
 All of you must download "Poison" by Alice Cooper. ITS BRILL!
 Love Jenn XxXxX
August 26th, 2005
 Sooooooo yeah! The moment ive waited for since I left school... yes...... That moment arrived. It is the moment that...... I PURCHASED "JIMMY CARR, LIVE" ON DVD!
 Of course I didnt mean that! But of course, I got my GCSE results! And how did I do? Did I get what I wanted....? Errrr.....
  Graphics - A
  RE, English and Maths - B
  Geoggers, Froggers (French) and ICT - C
  And Science - CC
People (except my 'rents) keep saying I did really well. Which I guess I did. But I'm pissed off with myself because I should have got an A in english too. So now ive just got the exact same results as my sister (who I really wanted to beat so I stop living in her shadow in my parents eyes). Damn me.
 Anyway. thats life. At least I beat Fat Lib in geoggers. She got an E! AN E! I bet it means "Elephant". or "Enormous". Or "Extremely huge and fat and has no friends except gollum who smells of piss anyway!"
 You get the idea.
     Love y'all! XxX

From the creator of Jennerz Your God