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Dearest Jennerlings,
   Ive decided that I need to explain this site, just incase any Irish, religious (or both, as the case usually is)  people accidently visit this site after typing in "Jennerz Your God" instead of "Jesus Your God" on Google. Not that I believe either groups of people to be able to use computers, so it'd be no wonder if they end up here!
   Anyway, just incase they get the Pope on me (Ol' Pappa Benny), I thought I should explain. I wouldnt have minded when it was Pope John Paul II, (Bless him) as he seemed more easy going then the chav we have now (he wears a medallion and hates rock music, so you tell me im wrong and prove it!!!)
 So here goes the explanation - I was sat by a wall at the Cathedral in Sheffield (ironic really being near a cathedral) and my dear chum Louise decided to get down on her knees and say "I worship thee Jennerz Mine God!". It kinda stuck. And since then, I've used both my I.C.T and religious education skills to create at least 2 websites based around this nickname. Ive employed Jennerlings, Saints and even got my own Pope in the pipeline (ooooer! Saying that fast is a mouthful. OOOEEER!!) But ive done it all in good humour.

 So if Pappa Benny has a proper benny at me, this is a page to show im dedicated to getting myself out of the shit. SO HA!

   Love, blessings, peace and prayers,
               Jennerz Your God

From the creator of Jennerz Your God