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Cap'ains log... Stardate: 15th of April, 2005. Im starting a new diary-type-log, so here goes!
Click here for April - May '05
And here for July - August '05 (actually thats June and July but the page title was wrong. I may change this. If I can be arsed. I probably wont change this)
This is The REAL August (please stand up)
September 2nd, 2005
 Fucks sake. I hate James. He takes Gypsy to a new level of trampy-beatnickness. I hate his stupid unwashed jeans that he ALWAYS wears (even in bed, I fear...urgh!) and that fucking stupid leather jacket thats meant to reach his ankles, but he could only afford it to his knees. Not very "The Matrix", more like "The Mate-Less!" Hes got as many friends as George Bush, and they all hang about with him for the free oil! So whats HE got to offer?! Nothing, thats what! Hes got a tart on his arm and he thinks that gives him the right to drag his carcass up my lovely clean stairs. Bad Gypo. VERY BAD GYPO!
 The other day, he changed his jeans. Me and Helen were like "Drumroll please, miestro!" and playing a fanfare. We don't get out much.
Fucking funny though.
 Love Jenn XxX
PS: Did I tell you i've got brunette? No? Oh well, now I have!
September 6th, 2005
 Back to school. Boredy-bloody-bored! Today was my last day of freedom, and what did I go and do? Oh yes, I let my hair down...... and went to the Dentist! But it wasn't an ordinary dentist! Ohhhh no! Its the ORTHOdentist! Which means nothing except the guy sticks sharp bits of metal to my otherwise scrap-free teeth.
 So yeah.... I'm in loads of pain. Great that, isn't it!? Ive got school tomorrow, and I don't even know what courses I'm doing for Cliff's sake!
 Could life get worse? Oh, is that the sound of unemployment I hear.....
  Well thank you (Other) God. Have a Blue Peter Badge and an Award for "Who Can Make Jenn's Life The Worst". You were nominated with Katie, my parents, and Lib. But you created them all, so you had to have the title!
 In fact, Lib was the first thing you created. "God created The World, and saw that it was slightly more hairy and immature than He had planned. So He changed its name to Lib, went back to the drawing board and made another one..... a little bigger than the last, so that Lib could live upon it. Then God created the animals, water, light, small things, jam....and Belgium. And He saw it was good........... apart from that hairy, immature first-world He'd made. But what could He do?! Flood it?! Ha, well, read on...."
 Thats on the first page of the original Bible, but it was ripped out (and eaten, I should imagine) by Lib before it was sent to be photocopied........
   Jenn XxX
September 11th, 2005
 This is where Tom gets to see a God at work. Here I am at Chez Thomas, and hes making me drink orange a la vomit. Yum(!) Sooo yeah Rage is on the teev, like the badass bitches they are! We've spent all cunting day downloading an eminem remix song, and everytime its been some queer ass version. oh hes fucked off to watch the cricket now. Winter evenings fly by when the crickets on....
   Sooooo yeah im bored. I may let Tom say something on The God Log. But he doesnt want to. OOOH RIGHT! So its not good enough for you is it?! Well fuck off then!
Ok, i take it back. I love him really. Im not mad at him, though he thinks I am. Bless him!
Love Jenn XxX
September 12th, 2005
 Proper love this song! I love Eminem, but as y'all know, Im a big rock fan. Mix the two and I get a-mazing results!!!!!!!! Rock remix of "Cleaning Out My Closet", courtesy of Tom's downloading skills!
 So back to school properly. Im doing really un-fabulous in psychology and english. And I havnt had DT yet, and if i fuck that up im doomed for the dole queue!
 But on the plus side, Ive listed all my teachers' (past n prez) along with their nicknames on Ma Collegé

From the creator of Jennerz Your God