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COMMENTS RATM RULE! not that theyre ever played no more at K-corp 'coz the DJs too busy playing rip off Tony Christie bollocks. Peter Kay should stick to what hes good at.... sittin on his arse in a wheelchair instead of "stand up" and rip off miming. Please dnt play that song anymore, especially not last because it sticks in my head that way. And i'd honestly rather staple my own tounge to the floor.
I thank you.

One of my many annoying comments on our local guestbook of The Corporation. And before you say anything, NO! I do NOT attack the guestbook because im jealous that more people write on that then on mine. On the contary, im happy that lots of people agree with me. However, we never see any 9 year olds stick up for themselves do we? Probably because their all too young to be allowed to use the computer incase they spill their night-time milk bottle all over the keys.

So this page is almost like Peoples Court UK mixed with a bit of Jerry Springer. Basically, its Judge Judy, with a twist! Judge Jenn! ANd i have "Beef" (As the FL* wud say)!

So heres the jist of my hatred on the corp guestbook. ENJOY!

So, dear old' Chippy decides he prefurs the empty room approach, obviously. trust me its gonna spiral outta control. first of all, us kiddie corpers are gonna keep complaining. second, the most inteligent of them are gonna leave. thirdly, the intelligent but stupid ones are gonna go to older corps instead. this causes more older corp-goers to complain to saying "Whats with all the kids in OUR corp?! they have K-corp!!". coz u see, older corp goers, who should have lives and be doing somthing with their lives by that age, still think they run the place. i should be at k-corp now, but im on a protest. i bet im not the only one.....

It doesnt matter what people say about us Kiddy Corpers getting headrushes on Coke or that the venue plays shit nu metal mucis because
1) We're not even allowed coke to get a head rush. Its all strip searches and body frisks now on 9 year olds. Isnt that, erm, kinda aginst the law?!
2) If only they'd play nu-metal bollocks! it'd be a fuckin step up from the bullshit they play now! Fuckin Avril! What the fuck?! It'll be bleedin' Busted next! eff me!!!!! Im well fucked off! And im fed up of all them little twats in fuckin murderdolls shirts thinking they rule the bastard place! They like one song of about 3 bands (Murderdolls, My Chem Romance and Greenday) and think theyre the dogs bollocks! Im glad I packed it in! Ive seen the light - saturday night TV is better.... and thats sayin summat! NO WONDER SO-CALLED MINI-MOSHERS ARE ALWAYS SO DEPRESSED IF THEY LISTEN TO THAT WANK!!!!

......and wheres all the rules gone?! I thought that the K-Corp rules clearly state that its NO UNDER 14s and no water is allowed to be thrown around. Thats it. Now let me tell u something - if u turn up and drop a cup of water, ur frog-marched outta there by the Corp version of the SPG! but if ur 9 years old and fancy turning up to try ur luck with fellow infants, then COME ON IN!
Do i really have to revert to putting pigtails on and requesting nursery rhymes. coz its headign that way! Come on corp bouncers. Stop frisking the regulars and sort them out!!!!!!!!!!

*Some girl called "Kirsty writes an interesting point about Corp*
 .....Oh Kirsy! I could kiss you! But then I'd be accused of being a lesbian like, basically, everyone-bloody-else! I have absolutly NOTHING against people who are that way sexually inclined, but it does make me mad when I see some dumb kid girl getting off with her mate, just to act "well 'ard innit!". OH PER-LEASE! This time last week she was a chav making fun of lesbians in her sex and relationships guidence class! Back to my point - Kirsty, you are very right. I forgot to mention the lambrini swilling retards at the Odeon. Im ashamed that my Wannabe kid-sister is sometimes amonst them, even though most of them are tossfaced 16 year olds who think being old enuff to smoke AND snog their closest mate means they've got more rights than your average human. No thanks, get a life, or two, then you can share it amongst you! Seeing as yr brainsells will probaby add up to that much. Emo-Hater.com

And thats that, basically. hope you liked my rant!!!!

*FL = Fat Lib, for she always talks about Beef, what with her being a pie 'n all that!

From the creator of Jennerz Your God