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Yes, inspired by my rant in a certain diary entry, I have decided to make a page dedicated to those who have really "Got My Goat" lately, so to speak. It may seem boring, but it did have more on here at one point. But i removed them because ive turned mature.....
Adam Okaro - Nobody... shouts.... AT THE MA'AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ACTING superintendent Amanda Prosser - OK, Okaro. I take it ALL back. This GOAT FACE has decided that The Ma'am isn't allowed a little tipple off-duty, and hence stole her idea to crack-down on anti-social behaviour! Infact, upon hearing Gina's idea, I thought "I will never be antisocial again. I'll talk to everyone (provided they arn't on this page) and be nice!". But since that BITCH, who isnt even a REAL super, took it upon herself to prick about with Gina's hard work, I feel like going out and setting fire to an elderly man after spray-painting him, and charging him for the use of MY spray-paint!!!!
Shelly off Corrie - Everyone hates that Charlie for knocking her about, but I think its great. Hes got her round his little finger, shes a human doormat. Well, as close to human as you can get when your friends with Peter Kay.
Peter Kay - Got my goat, made a stupid joke about it, everyone quoted it for the rest of time, and caused my goat to jump off a bridge. I soon followed, but forgot that Im immortal and survived. Went back to seek my revenge on him by sending the Army after him. They also quoted him in a sing-and-dance in the desert. I was forced to start being on the side of Iraq.....
Everyone at Doms table for the prom... - Goat riders. They just took my goat from under my nose! Everyone except Dom, Rachel and Athane that is, because theyre fab. And liz and ann-marie. so just lib, lauren, gollum, Batterly-dogs-home, Kirk-the-berk and The King of Quiz-Teams himself, David Collet. Theyre all homosexual. And in most cases, LITERALLY! For timmys sake.
Lib - Ok, I said that when I turn 16 im gonna be nicer about her. Well fuck that for a game of soilders, but Ive had it up to a very tall height with her. She doesnt even do anything to annoy me, she just upsets me at her excessiveness. I would have forgiven her for her stupid fuckin immatureness by now, but theres so much of her to forgive!
 Plus, whats sort of person called a vagina a "pear". You just DON'T, do you! Unless your Lib, or her stupid henceman, Lauren. Fucking Lauren aswell. All nice-as-pie to my face (which is suprising, as if she was anything to do with pie, Lib would have taken a bite out of her by now!) and behind my back shes busy pricking about like a bitch. Well fuck them, and everything they stand for. Obesety, lesbania.....etc!

From the creator of Jennerz Your God