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Cute Wars

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THE VOTE IS ON! This page is about cuteness wars. Basically, myself and Thomas were arguing over who has the cutest pet. Up for nomination in the polls of cutest pet are:
Neil the female rat
Gina and Shabopkin the goldfish
 To vote for a pet, make your vote known on the Guestbook. However, there are rules:
1) You can not vote if you are Thomas.
2) You cannot vote if you plan to vote against Neil (
Neils manifesto by her opwner, Jenn -
 HOW CUTE IS NEIL! Shes my beloved pet rat, and shes gorgeous! She sits in her little cage in my room, and she always gets excited when somebody comes into the room. She jumps around her cage for attention, and always gets it. Shes sooooooo fab! Shes about 5 months old, and shes getting quite big now, but not in a scary way. People think that rats carry diseases and stuff, which they do when they live in the sewer. But Neils always cleaning herself. Shes really vain, as she loves playing with the mirror.
 Now you know a little about Neil - VOTE NEIL!!!!!


Gina & Shabobkin's manifesto by their owner, Thomas -
These are my two fish, Gina and Shabby (Shabobkin). Gina is the gold one and Shabby is the silvery one. Look how cute they are! I know they may not do much but when you feed them they jump out of the tank! I swear they race each other around the tank and bump into each other and basically they are cuter than Neil, so vote for the fish HAVE A WETTER FUTURE!

Gina and Shabobkin

From the creator of Jennerz Your God