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Same rules apply as to Domoniues tribute, with the questionaire about Nicola. But heres some extra information first!

 - IN ICT, she made a band called "LEAF" for her project. And because shes so imaginative, she tried to make the world a more peaceful place through music, and made the band up from world leaders who hate each other. Wasnt that nice of her? Well, no, it wasnt nice, because afetr 3 months of making it, Mrs Osbourne turned around and said "oh, by the way, you cant use this because its RACIST!". If it was Dane Shaw making it, she'd have given him a knighthood!!!!!!!
 Whats so bloody racist about saying that Bin Laden starred in Titanic?!? And whats so bad about saying that Tony Blair and George Bush were siamese twins?! And why disqualify her work just because one of the songs they "sang" was called "Living In a Hole - By Saddam Hussein"?!?! If anything, it had a good beat and funky lyrics!!!!! If hes gonna kill people,. he has to suffer the conciquence if Nicola decides to make a funny band about him. God, what IS this world coming to?!??! You can crash a plane, but you cant sing?! No wonder Live Aid came back!

- Another funny fact, she plays for Sheffield Wednesday under 16 ladies team.... but shes a Unitedite. Fuck the wednesday fans I say coz theyre all twats.

- Ever since Y7, me and Nicola have been in the same Science class. We've shared it all, Mr Gotts obsession with "That Slinky Experiment". Dr Hoeys obsession with practicals. And even Mr Grifffiths hell-bent obsession with boring us all to death in one of his lessons. Oh yes, science is the place to be! In physics, we even had our own place for when we had to "Sit round the front to watch an interesting and mind-numbingly crap attampt at a power point". We sat there for 2 whole years! Right at the front on the side, by the window. She sat by the wall, me by the window. 2 Years! It was practically MADE for us!
 But then, ohhhhh no! Posh Bitch and Mullet Head thinks "Oh, nice place.... lets sit there". Erm, hows about NO, Kevin Keegan wannabe! Just because you like sitting at the front to flirt with Mr Griffiths, dont even this about taking our places in physics! Whenever they ask a question its down with the knickers and out woth the spotlight!
 I dont know WHY i bother..........

- More info about Nicola soon to come.....

1. what is my name: Nicola Masling

2. Where did we meet?: At All Saints. Back in the day during our hatred of each other

3. Take a stab at my middle name: Errr, well mines "nicola" so yours should be "Jenn"

4. How long have you known me?: about 5 years!
5. How well do you know me (a lot, not so much, nothing)?: I'd say quite a bit, but judging by the way i dont know your middle name without

6. Do I smoke?: no and you try and kill those who do!

7. What's my favourite colour?: Red or something lol

8. When you first saw me what was your first impression? As everyone knows, we did NOT get along!

9. My age?: 15! So youthful!

10. My birthday?: 22nd of July?

11. Color Hair?: Brown lol #'til summer when it goes blonder

12. Color eyes?: I'd say blue

14. Have you ever been jealous of me? Ive hated you..... does that help?

15. Whats one of my fav things to do indoors?: Get pissed or be in IT with me!

16. Do you remember the first things I said to you when we first met? Probably a swear word!

17. What's my fav type of music?: Dirty dance n chav wank

18.What's one of my fav things to do outdoors?: Again, get drunk!
19. Am I shy or outgoing?
 deffinatly outgoin!
20. Would you say I'm funny HAHA or funny (sarcastic)?:
 Both lmao. Your one of the funniest person I know! 

21. Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules?: REBEL

22. Would you consider me a friend?: yup

23. Would you call me preppy, slutty, average, sporty, punk, hippie, glam, snobby, or something else?:
 Sporty and sarcastic
24. Have you ever seen me cry?:
No, your a hard nut lmao

25. If there were one good nickname for me, what would it be?Maslin'

26. Are my parents still together?: Yeah.... bless your scouse mother!

28. If I had broccoli stuck on my teeth, would you tell me? I'd laugh first

29. Do you love me? Course I do! Not in a dirty way though lol 

30. Quiet or loud? Erm....LOUD!

31. Short or Tall:Short lol
32.Weird or original: 
A bit weird..

33. Smart or stupid? Smart coz your in most of my classes, duh! 

34. Boring or Fun? FUN!

36.A psycho? Erm..... Can be lol

38.Athletic? Yeah, but you play for dirty wednesday

39. A nerd? wouldnt go that far! I said u were smart!

40. A slut? No lol

41. Ghetto? I do not speak Chav!
42. A *itch?
 bitch? nah lol
43. Two-faced?
 no lol your deffinatly honest
44. Obnoxious?

45. Immature?
 no lmao unless your hyper
46. Mature?

47. What do you think I'll be when I grow up?
Footballer and you'll kick wednesdays ass!

48. A) Do you think I'll get married? yeah, an open marrage where u can shag anyone lmao!

B) If you do. Who do you think I'll marry? I dont know lol
49. Who do I have a crush on?
Er...obvious question or what! David Beckham and you-know-who

50. Who is my best friend? Your fave savoury item that is Pasty
51. What song(if any)reminds you of me?
"If heres Any Justice" by Lemar! It was on the radio in the car the other day and it was fantastic! And "Filthy/gorgeous"
52. Do I remind you of any characters on TV?
 no lol 

53. If you could rename me, what would my name be?
 Maslin' or Mazza

54. Have you ever had a dream about me? Not as far as i know, perv

55. A feature that you like about me: your absolutly hilarious!

56. If you could give me anything, what would it be? A chance to get "LEAF" up and running into the band they deserve to be!!!
61. If we spent a day together..where would we go and what would we do?
Have an All-Day ICT and Graphics lesson!!!!

62. If you could describe me in one word, what would it be? Maz!

63. Do you or have you ever had a crush on me?
Thats what you'd like isnt it!

64. Do you want me? i dont want u to leave :(

65. What word do I say all the time? "Stop It" "Sick Donovan" ETC!!!!
66. Is there anything you'd like to say to me? Dont leeeeave me!!!

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