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OK, so maybe a page with a couple of pictures of my friends on wasnt enough proof that I am infact very popular! Actually, im not, thats Dom!
 So, go ahead and read about my mates! Some of my more valued clients.... I mean "friend", have their own spectacular super-duper orgasmatron bloody fantabulous tribute page, if you click on their names.
 However, some names don't. It doesnt mean I like them any less, it just means they dont have... the motivation, potential or down-right interesting lives, to be in this All Star Production (and soon to be musical version) of "This Is Jenns Life"! With Jackie Chambers playing me! Bloody yeah! Actually, if im honest, i'd be lucky to get Michael Jackson to play me.....
Domonique - The popular one. And Ma Short Ass Biatch.
Rachel - The Intellectual One and trust me, the choice of this title wasnt too difficult, considering the compertition!
Nicola M - The Maslin' One! She shows affection with violence, which is why shes always abusive towards me (and everyone else I suppose. It just shows how loving she is!!!
Claudia - The Monica One! Shes a very busy, bottom-of-the-range 6-foot inflatable doll. Shes even got 3 working "Offices!"
Lauren - Best mate. JOKE! HAHA!
Louise - The One With Nice Legs (*this is where Nicola beats me up for displaying signs of homosexuality!*)
Kerrie - The Blonde-But-Covers-It-Well One. Also known as The Marnie One. But not often. Only when shes in a good mood.
Jess/ Pasty - The One Who Puts Up With Nicola
Charlie - The 'Obsessed With Appearence' One. Can't be within 100 feet of someone with BO (how he avoids Steven Rotherham I do not know!)
Paul - The Big Handed One. Don't get any ideas ladies!
You probably think im a right billster nil-mateys.... but im not (errrm...). Im actually just incapable of thinking right now. Takes effort. So this is all the people ive come into contact with today and all I have managed to scrape from my short-term memory.

From the creator of Jennerz Your God