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"Louve doesnt seem to want to wake up. I think shes dead.....!"


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When my bestest buddy, Louve, didn't wake up, I took it upon myself to make this homage and also organise the funeral. She lives on, in spirit.... Or rather, she doesnt.

^ Lil homage to her, she was a big fan of Disney you see.
Louve was, indeed, a happy character whilst she was in amoungst the living. Actually, thats a lie. She liked nothing better than watching late-night repeats of Countdown, feeding penguins and growing various moustashes in the neighbours greenhouse. Always a good pastime to her.
 Louve hated cheerful people, brightly coloured nail varnish, books without colourful pictures and 7-legged spiders ("they walk with a limp, scary stuff!" - The Louve).
 The Funeral:
Nobody except Ashley the Vicar, Lau-Rell the Pott and Marlonious the Cheesy did readings. Ashley kept doing his annoying smile that makes him look like a hamster on crack, Lau-Rel the Pott sang like Justin Hawkins (IE so high pitched that only dogs could hear her/ annoying) and Marlonious the Cheesy read a big list of "101 Cheesy Comments On Louves Life".
 The funeral was a sad time, up until they played the final song, which was "Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam", with Ashley the Vicar having a sing-along in the background. It was a moving time. Everybody except "Marvin The Miserable" danced in the ailes, and Zack Shingles protested about his bacon-smuggling qualities.
 At the cemetary, Louve tried to spring out of the coffin shouting "HA HA! THAT WAS THE BEST APRILS FOOL GAG LIKE, EVER!!!", but by then we'd all gone home and she was trapped beneath the ground. Then, a chap with only half a leg and 3 times the facial hair heard the sounds of someone below the ground shouting "This isnt funny anymore!". So he called for help and we all helped Louve out of the ground. She was incredably dirty, so we let her get clean before letting Nouve kick her head in. "That funeral took me an age to organise, moose brain!!!!"
But then, Louve got burnt on Lumieres flame. So she died, again. And it wasnt April this time, so they believed that she was genuinly dead.
   And thats the end of that chapter!
Neither Louve, Nouve nor the 1-legged man was harmed in the making of this page.
Lau-rel the Potts was shot for numerous remditions of "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" at the alter. If only it was the REAL Justin H that we'd killed..... Life would be so much better.
Please send all cash donations to me, not the stupid people at the house down the road from me. No good, theiving vagabonds......