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Rabbit is my cousin. Some know him as Steven, others know him as Susan. Either way, he rules. This page, like that of Libby's, is a tribute to all things to do with Rabbit.

This is what he wrote about himself, this proves he is totally bizarre, yet hes so cool!


lord Elminster The Third B.S.S, S.S.S
Eathral plain, England, United Kingdom
pencil shapener

Ruler of twelve kingdoms and an ant nest.i started off a young man in a boat yard, buying and selling cheese to make end meet. then i was found wandering the streets and was adopted by a pair of shoes called herman and larry (a gay couple from southport)
I am Dragos Dragonin. I have been known by many other names: The Celestial Dragon, Keeper of The Nimbus Dracona, Master of Salfannen
Manor, Dragonfriend, The Nightstalker, The Scaled Huntsman, and one time in a tavern in waterdeep, Susan.
They trained me to fire peanuts out of my nose. Then, I found 500000000 on the floor and i spent it an absenth to forget my past and i spent the rest on some new lases for larry(they got singed in the grate fire of 82).... .it was in a storm great.
 Yes, it's terribly simple. The good guys are always stalwart and true, the bad guys are easily distinguished by their pointy horns or black hats, and, uh, we always defeat them and save the day. No one ever dies, and everybody lives happily ever after.

Steven, bless his little cotton socks, was there at my first ever viewing of the Tenacious D music video, Tribute. We laughed a-plenty, and we both now worship the ground that JB and KG walk on.

- (After seeing a dog wearing a flea-cone around its neck): "Look at that poor dog. Abandoned at birth, raised by wild traffic-cones!" - Steven

Also related to the topic of Steven: Libby and Sofia understand me when I say.... "STEVEN AND THE TREE-HOUSE"
 Ahhh happy days.

Fact-file of Rabbit:

Name: Steven 'Rabbit' Walton
Age: Earth years - 18.  Real years - 58 days
Reason for being:
- Being rad
- Being the only other Walton Family member that can be considered "Weird" (Thats our title)
- Eating rabbits.
- Watching my penguins. He speaks their language.
Other random information:
- Gained the nick-name by skinning, cooking and eating three rabbits to himself (or so the legend goes....)
- I think he could make it... as a Dwarfer!
- Knows Nicola.... boo hiss... but we all have bad points me supposes....
- He was in James' year! I mean, what the fuck! How did he NOT take pictures of him in the changing rooms and pass them on to me, as a nice gesture (Probably because thats weird, and I dont do that by the way (Don't sue!))

All information on this page supplied by Rabbit and my good self. Tribute.