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Now im not Pink Floyd's biggest fan.....
Pink Floyd
..... But this album cover is brilliant!

Lets just say that the world ended.... the human race ceased to exist..... the entire earth as we know it would stop! I mean, you only get a two, maybe three, hundred thousand years worth of each species.  Well, look at dinosaurs! They're extinct, and all they did was eat grass! Now imagine how long humans are gonna last, with all these wars and global warming! So lets just say the race of mamals known as "Humans" ceased to be...... and there was nothing on earth..... nothing and no one.........
 And, me being God, hears one question and one question only in reply to this.....
 "When the human race is extinct... and everyone we know and love is dead and gone....and theres nothing left on earth....... will this site still exsist?!?!"

 of course, my answer is "YES! You can access it from heaven, hell or any other spiritual plane that you should so desire!!! Have fun!
Inspired-by-Dom... Phrase Of The Week - "Smeg" - Dave Lister
Inspired-by-music... Lyric Of The Week - "WORK SUCKS... I know!" - Blink 182 (All The Small Things)

"Im beginning to think that we are alone in this Godless, hostile and inhospitable universe.... Still, you've got to laugh havn't you!" - Holly

This site and all things in it are crap, so please shut the window now, OK! A warning.
If you do not shut your windows and happen to discover something very disturbing then do not blame me, for you HAVE been warned!

Anywho, "Hello" to all!! I am "Jennerz Your God", you will all worship and hail me, for I am a very important member of this society. Ok, society sucks, but Im very important nether the less! If your on this site and have no idea how you got here then you're very probably either still asleep or just plain stunned by the very presence of "Jennerz Your God"! Enjoy peeps!

OK, i just gotta say this: How lame are them "pre-set" messages?! (very!) "I'll have pictures of my friends, I hope to put the more flattering ones up but no garantees!"
  What comedy school did they graduate from?! Makes ya think dunnit....

Anywho, back in the world where real thinks happen... HI! Im The Jennerz (Your God), and you will learn to worship me over the next few pages. This site is pretty much about me spending alot of time on the internet with nothing to do. "Oh the joy" I hear you cry from the rooftops. Well, This site is about me, my friendly friends, my not-so-friendly friends, my mum, my dad, The-Other-God.... (ok, now it sounds like an Oscar nomination...). Nah, this site is about my interests in the radicalness of music, TV, many films and other random things. Hope ya like it! And if ya don't then tough! Im not gonna change it just for you! "Jennerz Your God" will not stand for this behaviour!

Rage Against The Machine
Brad W, Zack De La R, Tim C and Tom M
One of the best bands in the world