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Cargo and his "mistress" cargoette and the 'rents
By Lauren

Starring: Cargo Man as himself
                  Lil Bow Wow as, errm, herself
    Guest starring:  Mr and Mrs Bow Wow as The 'Rents
                               and "Little Jimmy", filling in for "Mini Wow", as the real M.W fell into a bear trap


One day the bow wow family where eating dinner (bear of course, caught fresh that day!). The table, a round sturdy wooden one coved in a plaid clother with a rather strange shape cut out of the middle. This was, of course, for the shirt of cargoette known fondly to her parents as lil bow wow.

Anyway, back to the story. As they ate the bear and talked fondly about past times of lumber jacking, there was a knock at the door! This was strange for the bow wow family. Most of the surrounding neighboughs prefered to keep away from the log cabin as mr bow wow was known for his nasty temper and love of "woody" the gun he kept by his bed. There was a tense silence....only broken by littler bow wow (known to his family as simply "wow") chewing on the tough bear he was eating.
"Who's there" shouted Mr bow wow, whilst heading toward his bedroom to get woody.

"Erm's cargo man. I've come to take lil bow wow to the discotech"
Mrs Bow wow gaspt! "Honey, how could you?! You know your daddy don't like you goin' down there. All that nasty new music!"
"moooooom, daddy don't do this to me. No daddy don't get woody!"
But mr bow wow couldn't listen, he was in a hugh rage. He violantly swung up the door, and confrounted a rather sheepish looking cargo man.

"I'll give you 5 seconds to run...then i'm afta ya son. GO ON THEN!"

Well it took cargo man 5 seconds for what mr bow wow had said to him to register, so by the time cargo had set off mr bow wow was practically snapping at his heels! In his panic, cargo man had run right into a bear trap!
"Oh lil bow wow I'm feelin' this, my foot, argh!"

Through all of this, a shocked mrs bow wow was looking on in disbelief. After all it's not every day (only every other for the bow wow family) that you see your daughters fancy man being chased into a bear trap by a rather large lumberjack with a gun by the name of woody!
 Anyway, cargo man was stuck in the bear trap, with mr bow wow getting closer and closer to him (with littler wow following close behind to pick up tips from is father). "liiiiiiiil booooow woooooow help meeeeeeeeee" criend cargo as mr bow wow loomed up behind him. Then a hand roughly grabbed the back of cargo man's shirt (that was only worn on special ocasions!) "Noooooo dadddyyyyyy, please. Don't hurt him please!" Yelled lil bow wow between sobs. Then something strange happened; Mr bow wow seemed to listen to his traniee luber jack daughter, for perhaps the first time in his entire life! Maybe it was something to do with the fact she was clinging on to his ankle like a little kid and had sunk her teeth into his leg just after yelling at him. Or maybe mr bow wow really did have a compasionate bone in his body?! But anyway back to the story, Mr bow wow seem to stop streight in his tracks after hearing his daughters yell. He turned round slowly and said calmly to his destraught daughter, "do you really want to save this kid and have another night with bear for tea?!" Then it seemed as if a light had been turned on in her tiny brain and a rather large grin appeared on her face. Never again was that cargo man seen again.
*~.:[ xx Lauren xx ]:.~*
Note from the writer:
 All names in this story are authentic nick names and having been changed for the sake of pissing people off. All material is ment to offend, thank you for reading....... xx Sofiá xx