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AHA! PINK Floyd!
.... PINK Floyd!" - Richie (BL3:HI)

"Jennerz Your God's" log!
   What has 'Your God' been up to recently....

Remember, as Jennerz Your God I ask you to check back here frequently, for I will update it lots. I think that, as my loyal subjects, you deserve to know the events of my days....

But heres what I was up to in 2003....God Log 2003

And heres my sad life from January - April 2004

Life for Jennerz Thine God in May - June '04

Oh look, im still alive in July - August '04

Wednesday, 4th of August, 2004
 God Im bored again. I havnt been on this site for ages because ive been away/ working on a joint site with Arthur. yes theres no end to Jennerz Your Gods many talents (Ive turned into Mike TheCoolPerson from The Young Ones, he always talks about himself in the 3rd person!) So, whats my lil Jennerlingz been up to? Oh i forgot, I dont care. God (AKA me) im in such a crap mood! Everyone is eiter on holiday or stuffed up Gollums arse. It seems im the only one with backbone enough to hate her AND fall out with her, wheras the rest of the population of England see it as a better idea to just bitch about her yet be her best mate to her face. Not that its anything to do with me, but am i the only one???? Apart from Keet, yes I am. It must be a Walton thing.....
 Oh and I think Tom hates her too. oh actually he doesnt, I think he just says he does (like the rest of the world then).
 So yes, just me and Keet have eyes to see through Gollums stupidness!
 Why am i being mean??? I dont know to tell you the truth. I think im in a bad mood because of all the crap thats happened over the last week, and not having anyone to talk to about it. So im subjected to talk to myself in a pit of self-dispair. I even went on the Corp guestbook and shouted at Shanade for having a queer brother for effs sake! What the hell is wrong with me?!
 I'd better go have something to calm me down. Right, Fosters or tablets. ("Bugger all or sweet FA. never mind i'll have both!" - Eddie Catflap) yes I think i'll have both, ive got a headache you see. Hey ho the children didnt notice.
 By the way, that phrase is back, i havnt said it for time!!
Grrrrr im so pissed off its unbelievable!!! It hink i'll dye my hair to cheer myself up!! Jennerz XxX
PS: Work experience was absolute WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANK!!!

Wednesday, 1st of September, 2004
God its here. The Official Stalag 14 Count Down! *Cue dramatic music*. Yes, 9 days until pain, torture, misery and....erm...more torture. Grrrrr I hate school soooo much!!!!! Ive only got a 8 months left but still seems like a lifetime and a half!!! I just dont have enough time, lifes too short for education! Meh.
 And to make matter 100 times worse, theres just too much of a quandrey involving the opersite sex going on in my mind and, to be honest, its not fair! Being a teenager is crap! I cant wait to be 20 and then I can wave bye bye to being depressed and meh all the fucking time!!
 Sorry not "fucking"....     "..all the cunting time!"
Awwwww "Death Day" by Alien Ant farm is well good. Just to let you know.
 So.... Life sucks? Yes, yes it does. Anywho, for all those that agree, theres about to be a new way of cheering yourself up... it comes in the form of Laurens new story! Yes, from the makers of "Rage Against The Dickheads" comes a new all-star production of "Woodcutter Joe's Lil Bow Wow Story"! Staring Cargo Man and his "mistress", Cargoette. Also guest starring Mr and Mrs Bow Wow as "The 'Rents". Featuring "Wow" as Lil Bow Wows brother.
 Hey ho. Thats life I suppose. This is the age of the train....
 Love Jennerz Your God XxX