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Friday July the 2nd, 2004
 CHAMPAGNE! Schooools out for summer! (*cue Rick dancing around the garden in yellow dungerees and Vyvyan sat in karki hotpants looking bemused!*) Fun times! And unless he comes to Corp, I'll not have to see Bradley for nearly 10 WEEKS! HOORAH THE STENCH IS GONE! FAAAAAAAAANTASTIC!
 Wow theres so much champagne around that i might get a little drunk...hee hee hee! Its my plan for corp tomorrow anyway! Oooh my evil plan of action just gets more devilish by the second!
 What in the name of smeg am i going on about?! Who knows/ cares!
Well im off to read the Red dwarf book, coz im a rebel!
Anywya, champagne for all! Love Jennerz XxX

Sunday, July the 4th, 2004
 Independence day eh..... thats a right groovy film! Anyways, Im bored again, and have decided that My Jennerlings need me! To cure their boredom woes! To keep them amused whilst online with nothing to look at. To help them see what idiots there are in Jennerz Your God's Hell! Thats right my lil kangeroo lovers...... Jennerz Your God Hell is now open to damned souls around the (North of the) planet! Hoorah! Theres even a souvenir shop....... Good lord!
 Anyways, im gonna go from here as theres nothing much else to tell you. Only that I was at Corp for the last time in 5 weeks last night. Ive got to work next week.... gggrrrrr! Notice my unamused face! Im just cheap labour to the people of Cutlers! I wish I'd watched Hells Kitchen now, so I'd know what to do. Ive gotta call everyone "Chef".... for smegs sake, WHY!? Just 'coz they wear big white floppy hats and ponce around with fryng pans..... Well that really makes them a cut above the rest of us doesnt it?!? No, I'll think you'll find it doesnt.
 Anyways mucho bored so im going. Jennerz Thine God XxX

Monday, July the 5th, 2004
 Hello again chicklets it is I. Anyway I was just updating the ol' guestbook (with Arthurs message) and thought "why not bore people with the God Log!?" then I remember that it would kill you all with boredom, so i thought "what the smeg, I'll do it anyway!"
 Anyways, I'd better tell you that Im having a Slipknot phase, 'coz im like that, really. I'll go back to punk sooner or later though, never fear. I was mid NOFX phase earlier, so thats good!
 I bought some shoes today incase that interests anyone. No... no one? Ok then, fine be like that! Im also dying my hair again. Still dont care? Ok.... fuck off then! Yeah, thats right, bugger out of it! Get to soddery!
 Bunch of smeg heads....
Anyway im going, thats enough verbal battery for one night. Jennerz XxX

Friday, 9th of July, 2004
 I went to work today and John sent me home for a long weekend. So, you know what that means...
 COOOOOOOOORP!!!! (Minus those extra Os!)
I made a new page because I got bored, so click here to see it... Teenagers
 Anyway, im off to watch Neighbours and go and visit Tom at work. Mwahahahaha!
 PS: I hate work!