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I was reading this "teen catagory" thing on the net and it says that all teenagers are in sub-catagories of up to nine different music, clothing and hair style tastes. They fall under the names:

- In this group the boys wear Ben Sherman shirts and the girls tend to dress in turquoise and white. They listen to Basement Jaxx and Faithless.

Goths - Black is the order of the day. Pale faces are accented with black lipstick and nail varnish, for both boys and girls. Goth bands include The Cure, Marilyn Manson, and The Grateful Dead.

Grungers - Converse trainers are favoured by this tribe along with ripped jeans and dreadlocked blonde hair. Nirvana are one of the most listened to bands of this group.

Indie Kids - Superficially similar to Grungers, this group tends to put its look together from charity shops - topped with floppy hair. Musical tastes are limited to the best bands no-one's ever heard of.

Nu-Metallers - Band t-shirts and large numbers of piercings are worn. The music favoured is loud and angry - bands like Limp Bizkit and Blink 182.

Pop Princesses - Pink shoes, pink bags, pink phones and a host of other pink clothing is warn by this sub-section of teenagers. Britney Spears, Gareth Gates and Will Young are the preferred listening material.

Skaters - Huge trainers and even more baggy clothes mean this group is also somewhat similar to Grungers - but their skateboards are never far away from them, while Beastie Boys are on the walkman.

Soulstrels - Lots of Bling (large, obvious, shiny, metal objects - often mistaken for jewellery) worn, along with tight clothing and an ever-present mobile. R&B and soul music are preferred - although they will stomach some pop.

Townies - Rap and R&B are the preferred music, with girls of this group resembling Soulstrels and the boys sporting designer tracksuits and hooded tops.

But confused teens looking for a new identity should not despair, Chantelle Horton, editor of teen magazine "Bliss", advises: "You can buy all these different looks in Top Shop."


Well thank the fucking lord for TOPSHOP(!) Bastards! What do they think we are?! FOUR YEARS OLD?!
I just like how they put "Lots of Bling (large, obvious, shiny, metal objects - often mistaken for jewellery) worn" I just found that amusing. "Often mistaken for jewellery...when really its bollocks!"
Wearing bollocks around your neck... hmm, new fashion craze idea there...

Anyway, Im bored so i thought I'd express my dismay about this. And apparently im a mix of Goth, grunge and nu-metal. Oh i dont fit in with a specific group, i think i'll go and cry(!)
Why am i doing this? Because im bored thats why!