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Exits for un-damned souls/ visitors on your left, canteen on your right. Now entering the Jennerz Your God's Hell "Ye Olde Souvenir Shoppe"....

 Right well Arthur had this brainwave of making an "Exsiles" page on his site. However, I decided that I also have a dislike for crtain people, so here they are to serve their sentence in Jennerz Your God's Hell:

Name: Bradley Young
Crime: I think we all can guess
Sentence time: Eternity
Punishment: Imagine the worse punishment EVER....
Name: Gollum
Crime: Being alive/ vain/ near me at certain times in her "life"
Sentence time: As long as im in charge
Punishment: Being told that no one actually fancies her
Name: Adam The Pie Boy
Crime: messing up my life for a whole year
Sentence time: 1 year (so he knows the pain)
Punishment: Rejection from everything he does
Name: Mr "Facist" Sawyer
Crime: Making me take my lip ring out
Sentence time: Until I leave school
Punishment: Made to have a lip ring put in.... without anastetic!
Name: name unclassified
Crime: Phoning my house whenever im trying to get on the internet
Sentence time: Until I tire of MSN
Punishment: Telephone ban
Name: Justin Hawkins
Crime: Being too high pitch/ pathetic
Sentence time: Until his CDs leave the charts
Punishment: Being made to wear clothing that covers his chest and a ban from singing at any pitch higher than speaking volume
Name: Shoulders (both "Bring It Shoulders" and "System Of A Shoulders")
Crime: Having huge shoulders and thinking they're Ash/ cool
Sentence time: For as long as Corp exsists
Punishment: Shoulder Reduction Treatment
If theres anyone whos not on here, yet believe they should be, don't worry, I probably hate you inside my head!