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Here is all my life-and-livings of May and June of 1004. Fun times, i trust you'll agree!

Wednesday, May the 5th, 2004
 It was The Lib's birthday on saturday, and we had a really great day in honour of a really great her! Im in the middle of making a new page describing the fun day in full, so be sure to look out for it.
 Also, look out for my newest guestbook member, Rachel, for her message is brill. *Sulutes*
 Well, im bored now. No bastards online, coz theyre all obviously too good to talk to me. Well, I'll remember that next time they wanna get into Jennerz Heaven....
 Oh, and good luck to everyone taking/about to take exams!
 "Dont forget you packet of Polos, spare pencil, support gonk, chewing gum, extra pen, extra Polos, lucky gonk, pencil sharpener shaped like a cream cracker, more gonks with a packet of Polos each, lead for your retractable pencil, retractable pencil, spare lead for your retractable pencil, chewing gum and pencils and pens and more gonks!" - Neil from The Young Ones

Friday, 14th of May, 2004
Im here for monica... for shes bored and needs something to read.
 Ok, well, some of you may have heard that I kicked Baguettes ass on saturday.... NO ONE MESSES WITH THE JENNERZ!
 Erm, diddly do diddly do, something to write.... erm.... Well.... Ive always thought, cornflakes look a bit like people.... Aha, torture, I will not worry about it..... I AM COMPLETLY OFF MY ROCKER!
  Im gonna add to some pages ok.... coz im bored too....

Saturday, 15th of May 2004
Who rules..... Jimmy Eat World rules! Sorry, random! Jennerz Your God has just got back from The Place Of Worship that is Corporation! Its a sin to miss it, and this week I gotta admit, i was a little drunk towards the beginning, although plenty of water sorted me out. I ran around Corp THREE TIMES looking for some guy giving out Evanescence tickets. Now i dont particularily like Evanescence, but theyre being supported by HOOBASTANK! YAYAYAYAYAYAY! ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAAAAAVE BANDS! I fuckin' love that band, so good, so bloody good! Ive loved 'em since James (AKA Love Of My Life!) recomended 'em to me and Lib. And then I went and payed £17 for their self-titled album. Sounds steep?? NO WAY! IT WAS SO WORTH IT! Every track outta that 13 is sheer excellence, from Crawling In The Dark to The Critic,  so good. To say that Rage Against The Machine are my fave band, I have to admit that Hoobastank have the best album ive ever heard in my entire life. Im one of the only people I know who has an original copy. The world is foolish and has copies, but I LOVE MY CD! Its sheer excellent, sooo good! I love them so much and wanna see em live!
 Speaking of live viewage, Lib, Loz and Jeff saw INCUBUS live last night, how cool is that? Tres. And Brandon Boyd took his top off next to them.... Mmmmmmmmmm....
 And for our lesser-mortals among us, heres some new that doesnt concern bands you've never heard of....
 Erm....... I watched Filthy, Rich and Catflap again today....... erm, went to Corp.... got drunk (as a skunk, or tipsy as a toe TM OF LOZ!), did nothing else much. *yawns* im tired, and its only 20 to 11. Thats sad. Infact, thats double sad. Its only coz i didnt get much sleep last night, I was watching Bottom for most for it you see. And plus ive been a-rockin' at corp. AND Im still a tiiiiny bit drunk...... so basically, Im allowed to be tired. Oh, and the Eurovision Song Contest is on.... snore-a-rama or what! But Ozzy just made me laugh about it....: "She looks like a horse..... I bet she could do some damage to an apple!"
 Bless him! Anywho, Im off coz im tres mucho bored.

Friday, 11th of June, 2004
Hello all my little Jennerlings. It is I, Jennerz Your Pissed Off God. Your Pissed Off and Lip-Pierced God. Your Pissed Off and Pierced God who may start a revolt against The Centre of Pain And Torture (AKA All Saints school in Sheffield). Now many of my little Jennerlings already visit this hell-hole frequently, as it is in their job description as students. However, some of my luckier Jennerlings havnt had that oh-so-lucky chance to go to this school, and therefore have no idea what an absolute pile of BOLLOCKS it really is!
Now, as im so hard and street and cool (just humour me, ok!), I had my lip pierced for my birthday (which is tomorrow). But I had the lip ring put in on Monday night. My mum wasnt best pleased about the idea, but I warmed her to it and she let me have it done. However, no school teachers noticed it all week.... Until today. How typical is that, im having an extrordinarily CRAP day (the usual problems, IE im mad with certain people, including myself and etc) and then the teachers decide to all pick on me at once! And ive had just about E-bloody-NOUGH (thats "enough", with "bloody" casually slipped in, by the way). So now im depressed because ive been suspended from All Saints until I take my lip ring out (IE: forever, coz im NOT TAKING IT OUT!) and its my birthday tomorrow and i hate the fact I was actually born, and then im confused about other stuff aswell, as well as the fact I feel a bit sick. You can tell im in a bad mood, im wearing my pink shirt (which i always wear when im depressed, to try and cheer myself up). At least my parents are being supportive, even though they say my lip ring has to go, they are being sympathetic. But they said I can get a tattoo instead. I mean, i'd love a tattoo and everything, and this lip ring does cause a few problems....but I love it, and its the principle of the matter. I hate the fact that im not an individual anymore, and I just want to be radical, its just something I cant help. I wanna be different thats all, surely they cant have an objection to that?!
Then again, you should see us all in the school uniform, like a bunch of Nazi clones. Its pathetic really. And Jennerz Your God NEVER gives up on anything, im stubborn like that (which is sometimes a bad thing). But hey ho.
I can't go back to All Saints anyway...Mr Weir saw me upset (which can't be good for me having some kinda future with him (lol)) See, even amist all this bollocks I can still have a laugh, or maybe not. Im so fuckin' mad, coz now im at home, whiling away my time on here, being some kinda sad act. But hey ho, thats life.
So, onto a lighter note..erm...... well, there is no good news for me to pass onto my little Jennerlings. Oh, except i'd like to introduce you all to my good friend Marc (although we are not permited to use this name). His name is either "Fairy" or, to me, "Darlin". Hes an absolute dude who likes more or less the same stuff as me...... "oh no theres two of them!" I hear you cry, but he really is cool! I just wanted to let you all know thats all.
So, its that time again, for me to say goodbye. So im away laughing on a fast camel! Toodles!

Sunday, 13th of June 2004
WEHEY THE LADS! IM 15! WOOHOOO! Set off the brassiers across the land!!!!!!!
 It was a really great day, my best birthday so far actually! I was with all my lil chummies (except Monica and Marc) and i got some dudey and thoughtful gifts (Lib wrote me a JENNERZ YOUR GOD BIBLE, it was really sweet, not to mention hilarious!). And Jeff made me a cake! Awwww! And we went to Corp, and me and Jeff danced to "Alkaline Trio - This Could Be Love".... we did this big choriography (ooops cant spell, but hopefully you know what I mean!) to it and had a big sequence of dances! It was so groovy, and the Dj filmed us apparently!! Dude!
And the (fit) DJ said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNERZ!" and I was stood there jumping around wearing a huge badge saying "IM 15!". And then some random chick walked over and said "Are you Jennerz..... you have a lip ring....will you get off with me?" and I thought "Hey, what the hell, its my birthday!"
Tom was miffed.... but only because he didnt watch it (men!), but hey ho thats life!
 And I went out today feeling really happy, and I bought some pink sunglasses to match my new tie-dye top (made by Dom!). And the only flaw in the shirt (lovely as it is), it has no sleeves, so im now coated in after-sun so I dont burn *clever thinking from my not called "GOD" for nothing you know!*
 And here I am, feeling happy and listening to Blink 182 (surely the two are unmixable...feeling happy with BLINK!?!) But hey ho thats life!
 Oooooh, and England are playing France in the Euro 2004 thingy tonight....Big woot(!). Even though I might watch it, 'coz Im so patriotic.....
 Even though England are gonna get ass kicked by the french (YES THEY ARE TOM!), but still, it'd be nice to see them lose with some dignity. Well, we wont have much of that left when Beckham strolls onto the pitch like some kinda drag-queen. Ive given up on the state of his hair at the moment.
 hey ho, COME ON ENGLAND! "Land of Hope and Glory....something something of Hope and G..G...Glory! That is where I live! Land of Hope and G-g-g-g-g-glory!" - Richie Richards (Vic and Katie and Monica get it....I hope!)

Tuesday, 15th of June 2004
 same bat time, same bat place....
 Well im off school AGAIN so heres more addatives to my life on the web....
1) my "OUR BAND" page (Sober As A Goat) has been made
2) Arthur now has a site
   God im bored! I might as well be listening to Genesis! Then again, why listen to Genesis when I can listen to Blink 182? Argh no, Punk Phase!
 You gotta admit though that 80's punk was so much more dudesome! I love the Sex Pistols for instance, so much anarchy! And on my new Motorhead album (I thank yee Tom) it has "God Save The Queen", but the Motorhead version! I mean, how dudey is that?! VERY!
 Lordy Lordy I am so bored! SO very booooored! Ive got loads of things that I can be doing (homework, tidying my room, be helpful around the house, etc) but, as you can probably tell, I'd much rather sew my eyelids together than do those things! Life is far too short for that! Ive got nails to paint and hair to wash..... and boys to trap and music to play! Screw your education, you learn nothing important! This is where the real drama lies!
 "Hurry along with the drama, proffesor needs a wank!"
So, lesson one: get your lip pierced, because its a garanteed way of getting out of school! Lesson two will appear if you do that!
 Anywho, im gonna go and talk to some interesting people (ie the lil green men who live in my walls....)
 Love Jennerz XxX

Tuesday, 15th of June 2004
 Fucks sake, im in PUNK PHASE still. hey ho. Im back at school (but im having the day off today due to mild depression), and also had to take out my fabbity fab lip ring (*cough* FACISTS *cough*)
 And England did get ass kicked by France, but only marginally. Oh and we lost again last night to Portugal. I would be mad, but that lil Ronaldo kid was just droolsome. Then again, England have quite a few fitties also. Frank Lampard, ding dong! He really is a fine specimin of manhood! Not that im watching the match for men in shorts.....
 And what else has been going on? Erm.... nothing really. Just my Blink 182-loving-stage. I'll grow out of it, never fear my wee paperclips. I still have some sanity left....
  Well, my sanity in a little jar under my bed to make sure no one steals it, so im technically insane at the moment. Your not shocked??? Charming!
 God im bored so im gonna go and watch Blackadder ('coz im an R-E-BELL! tm of Dom)
 Oh and Benji, im gonna kick your arse! England vs Wales..... i'll restore some pride in our sorry nation! And that goes for anyone else, i'll take you on anyday..... Even Tomalo!
 How much do Blink rule?   ARGH! What am I saying?! The truth probably.
 "It could be a lie. Well, people do lie. Like 'I HAD MY LEGS AMPUTATED THIS MORNING!' Thats a lie. Quite a good lie actually......." - Kevin Turvey (RULES)
 Where was I? Oh yeah i was right here, i havnt moved. Ha ha(!)
Jeez, tough crowd! Anyway im gonna email some people and watch Blackadder and paint my nails and have a shower.... not all at the same time though. But hey thats a challange.....
 Anyway, check out the "EXCLUDED?!" page, its new dont you know!
But goodbye for now my little Jennerlings! I'll talk to most of you tonight anyway. WOOHOO! CORP TOMORROW! XxXxX