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Bloody excluded! I cannot BELIEVE it!


Can you imagine how bored I am? Very! Im oh so very very very very bored because Im off school with nothing to do, and Im casually sat in my room on the computer thinking "What is the point? Them facists at school are fucked up"....

  Then again, im also thinking "hmmmm, this Motorhead album rules!" (Thanks Tom)


So then Monica had a brainwave. She said i should make a page about how crap it is to be excluded from school. But actually, its faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantastic!!!!!!!!!! NO SCHOOL! The facists cant cope that im so cool(!)....not!


Anywho, my reason for my off-schoolness is because of a certain RE teacher making me see Slim (aka Mr Sawyer) about my lip ring! And so, Jennerz Your God was bullied into leaving the school, under the instruction not to return as long as im cool (aka wearing my lip ring). Bastards, basically. At the time I was trés upset about the whole idea, but thats because I thought my mum was gonna hang, draw and quater me before selling my vital organs to medical science. I thought I was dead. But hey when I found out that my mutti was just as mad at the fact that Cargo Man is allowed to have a lip ring, yet im not, I was a bit bloody relieved! It isnt bloody fair at all! "Bloody bloody bloody!" (TM OF VYVYAN)! So shes in a state of pissed-offness also. But she never liked the lip ring anyway, it "ruins my looks"....silly woman. So she said If I take it out then i can have a tattoo instead. I should have "I USED TO HAVE A LIP RING, BUT NOW ALL IVE GOT IS THIS STUPID TATTOO" written on my back. Dad thought it was a funny idea actually, bless him. But no, im making a stand for a few days, to show them that

 A) No one messes with The Jennerz

 B) I dont want to have to do the Sports Day anyway!


But I'll have to back down at some point, but im gonna be so annoyed if people keep asking me stuff about it. i'll just answer them with "Until we're all in Nazi uniform like a bunch of marching clones, Mr Sawyers never gonna be happy!!"

  Ohhh the phones ringing, perhaps its school calling to ask where the fuck i am today...... or maybe not. they couldnt give a shit actually, they know im not gonna be coming back unti they sort themselves out.

 hey ho, this page really is quite crap, but it was Monicas idea and it seemed so promising at the time of thought I suppose. but hey ho im reeeeeeeeeeeally bored so i'll fill up the page with randomness.... You wont understand it unless you're Monica (coz we rule and watch Bottom lol)


"The crash, the fire, the ambulance...... STEEEEEEEALING THE AMBULANCE! 'nee-naw nee-naw aha! lets go to Number 10'!!" - Richie and Monica


"hey ho another day....good morning world.... YOU BASTARD! Whats the first thing to do. aha breakfast! Well, there must be something in the cupboard.......... aha! shelves!!"


"Special K..... whats so special about it? Well, its food isnt it!"


"Oh hoorah the stench is gone!"


E) "Dear Sir or Madam....."
R) "I beg your pardon!!!!"


R)"Your like a member of the occult...."
E) "What did you just call me?!?"


"I beg your pardon madam but.... GET OFF!"



 Yep....that aughta do it!

Note: I am back in school now, without un lip ring. Bollocks.