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Cater Boi!
(to the tune of Skater Boi by Avril)


He was a boi

They were stalkers

Can we make it anymore obvious?

He was so fit

They were so lame

What more can we say?

They wanted him

Hed never tell

Secretly he fancied them as well         (WE WISH!)

His ex-best friend had a huge nose

They had a problem with his stilettos!




He was a cater boi

We said see us later boi

Hes always good enough for us

Now hes a fitto lad

Who is completely rad

I wanna jump on top of hiiiim!


5 years from now

He sits at home

On the computer

Hes all alone

He looks on the street

And guess who he sees

His stalker girls thinking hes good to eat!

He stands on the lawn

Mowing the grass

Libby n Jen look at his fit ass!

He catches them there

Tells em to screw

Then they go home n they make a brew!




Sorry Toni but you missed out

Well tough luck that bois ours now

He is like our bestest friend

This is how your life will end


Too bad that you couldnt see

See how big Bens nose could be!

He must have poked you in the eye!!

Adams fine so screw you, Goodbye


He was a boi

They were stalkers

Can we make it anymore obvious?

We are in love, havn't you heard?

How Adam rocks our world!


New Chorus X2

We're with the Cater boi,

We said see us later boi

I'll be at your house right after school!

I'll be in your bedroom,

Singing the song we wrote about those stalkers

That you know.


Copyrights Libby n Jen

(ACAS    Adam cater Apriciation Sociaty)