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Sober As A Goat......... MUNCH!

A band on "Smashed Yaks" record label, along with bands such as "The Grooving Spoons" and "Stalkers Victim", the Sober As A Goat group seem the most promising (and drunk). Here is some F.A.Q about the band.....
Who is in the band?
 Jeff - Vocals and technician
 Lauren - Tambourine/ electric triangle/ harmony vocals and song writer
 Jennerz - All Things That Ring and technician
 Lib - All Things That Ring
 Tom - The Only Musician In The Group..... (if he'll accept)
Dom - Manager/ tour director/ everything else
Why are you called 'Sober As A Goat'?
 We were all at Jeffs lil gathering when Lauren was drunk as hell, but came out with "Im sober as a goat..... MUNCH!". We all found this hilarious, and so the band is named after that!
Are you a real band?
 No. Anymore questions?
Do you have any songs:
 We do indeed. Here is our track listings:
1) *Click to view lyrics* The Goat Song (copyrights: L. Wright)
2) The Fag Song (Copyrights L.Wright)
3) *click to view lyrics* Cater Boi
(Copyrights J.Walton and L. Hydes)
4) Going Under CATER REMIX (Copyrights A.Lee/ J.Walton and L.Hydes)
5) This Could Be Love
(Copyrights A.Trio)
6) Aubergine (Copyrights J.Walton and L.Hydes)
 If you DARE steal any of these songs, Jennerz Your God will fucking kill you and send thou to hell! They have copyrights or arses sake!
Can I be a groupie?
 If your name is Gollum, then no. If not, then please apply within!
How can I help this band?
 Well, you can give us lessons in music for a start!
What bands are you rivaling?
 'Best Kept Secret' (J.Cater/frontman) and any other band that thing they "whoop ass"!
Who are 'Best Kept Secret'?
 Theyre best kept a secret I can tell ya! mr Cater thinks theyre really "going places", but, like our band, no one can play anything. And the bass guitairst walked out because hes "sexually frustrated" (IE Cant get a chick)
Are you touring at the moment?
 Only to and from school......
Where can I see 'S.A.A.G' proform?
 Well, if you come to Sheffield Corporation and requested "This Could Be Love" (by Alkaline Trio) you would see Jennerz and Jeff having a dance. Hoorah!
 Please note: we are not a real band!!!!