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Here are the guestbook messages from Arthur. God (aka me), it must have took him an age! But hey, when your off school with "illness", you've gotta do something to keep you occupied. God only knows how Tom passes the time now hes bandaged his hand up..........

FROM: Arthur: God Of All Blackmail
DATE: Tuesday, 15th of June, 2004

HeYy PeEpS, TiS aRtHuR, a FeLlOw JEnNeRz WoRsHiPpEr.(/ GoD oF aLl BlAcKmAiL, fOr NoW)

sOoOoOo, U tHiNk UrE fUnNy, HuH?
wElL, hOwS tHiS sToRy?

OnCe UpOn A tImE, iN a KiTcHeN nOt To FaR aWaY,
a YoUnG lAd MaDe A hAm SaNdWiCh!
BuT tHaT iSn'T tHe ScArY bIt!
He FeD iT tO a HoRsE!
aNd Do YoU kNoW wHaT HaPpEnS wHeN hOrSeS eAt HaM?
tHeY tUrN iNtO sQuIrRlEs!
(ThOsE lItTlE fUrRy ThInGs ThAt RuN aBoUt In ThE bOtAnIcAl GaRdEnS)
aNd So, ThErE iS nOw A lArGe, FuRrY hOrSe RuNnInG aRoUnD iN tHe BoTaNiCaL gArDeNs!
(ThAtS wHy ThEy ClOsE tHe GaTeS aT nIgHt YoU kNoW!)

aNd So, WhO (whom- Ross Geller) iS tHe FuNnIeSt PeRsOn NoW?
(I'D aLsO aCcEpT tHe InSaNeSt AwArD, oK?)

aNd So, pEePs, I bId YoU aDeUi!

Note from Jennerz Your God: Sooo, you think you can steal Your Gods humour eeeh...!? Well, I must say, its working. Damn you! Well my subjects and Jennerlingz will decided whos the most fabbity fab! And remember, I can smite them with lightning... mwahahaha! Unfair? Nah, its just voting tactics, they do it in the elections all the time.....


FROM: Arthur: God Of All Blackmail
DATE: Tuesday, 15th of June, 2004
Hey peeps. tis i, arthur, and im slightly less insane this time. btw jennerz, me an tom wud like to apply to be groupies 4 Sober as a Goat................Munch! (S.A.A.G......M!)

The Greatest Story Ever! (part 1)
Once upon a time, there was an army of *tumbleweed*.
It decided that it wanted to take over Summerset! (spelt like that please!)
(Notice that it, not they, decided)
Anyway, it went, and talked to Jennerz, Thine God, and;
'She said, ' play the best soooooooonnnnnnnngggggg in the world, or i'll eat your soooooouull.'
So she ate their soul, because *tumbleweed* cant sing/ play instruments.



FROM: Arthur: God Of All Blackmail
DATE: Monday, 5th of July, 2004
Isnt it a small world? (answers on a postcard to.................actually, dont answer, cuz you'll look silly)
Sooooo, yet again i have become aggressive. I didnt want to become aggresive again, it just happend. Kinda like this e-mail. A bit pointless, but still satisfiying. And this time i cant be bothered to stop. So, from now on, watch out corp, i shall be in a few more pits than i used to. And Daniel Earls, you twat, you best watch out aswell. Damn you for reading the note, and calling Mini-Elvis and Catty bitches.

Pissed off person. (Arthur)