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Jennerz' ICT teacher (Mrs Osborne) is down with the sickness (*hint*), and so, we have a substitute. I introduce to you.... Mr Mike Addis!
  *Applause and suluting*. Now I dunno why, but I just love Mr Adis! Hes so damn groovy, and has the look of Theodon from Lord Of The Rings (yet we still call him Aragorn). And hes just so cool, and heres a Day In The Life Of Mr Mike Addis.

7am (possibly): Gets up and puts on his fabbity fab white shirt, and accompanying tie. Also, trousers and a lovly leather jacket flug casually over the shoulder...
8:15am: gets into school, and sees a group of students suluting. Why is this....?

8:30: Sometimes, he takes regestration for 10R, because Mr Dobson is also ill.

8:40am - 3pm: Substitute lessons for Mrs Osborne. Sometimes sees a girl with a lip ring suluting and shouting "I fuckin love him!"

3:05pm: Walks down Granville road, and gets ambushed by a guy in Y10, asking him to signiture his hand. Odd........

4pm: Stands at West Street tramstop, with that Lip Ring Girl taking pictures of him with her phone....

5pm: Gets home after a hard day of being fabbity fab. Kicks up his heels and watches the tennis....
Please note: Mr Addis is a real person, and I think hes the best teacher ever, and hopes he never leaves. However, please do not take this site page the wrong way, and do not think it as a way of sueing me, coz basically I have no money to give you