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The Ace Gang!
 Right well, me and Lauren (and Lib, since I lent her my books) are all huge fans of The Georgia Nicolson series of books. Theyre so fuck funny, and i suggest you read them!
 Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging - Confessions of Georgia Nicolson is the best book. Its about Georgia Nicolson, and her mates, The Ace Gang. Here are our version of the Ace Gang...:

Georgia: Me, coz Lauren said I remind her of Georgia
Jas: Lib, my best mate even though we fall out occasionally
Rosie: Lauren, coz shes slightly mad
Jools: Jeff, 'coz the names are almost the same
Sven: Smeg, is, in the books, going out with Rosie. And hes a bit foreign...
Ellen: Dom, coz shes so cool

Not in the Ace Gang, but in the book:

S.G (Sex God Robbie):
coz hes the love of my life
Tom: Adam.... The S.Gs brother, and the love of Jas's life
Dave The Laugh: Tom, Georgias mate
Mark The Big Gob: Bradley. Georgias ex and full-time arse-wank

Hawkeye: Mr Mconnon, always suspicious
Slim: Mr Sawyer, headteacher and so called coz hes not really on the slimmer side of the spectrum
Miss Stamp: Miss Wiliams, lesbian PE teacher
Hairy Kate The Lesbian: Miss Huges, again, a lesbian PE teacher
Nausiating P Green: Gollum.... 'nuff said!
In the meantime, please enjoy this pic of The Ace Gang. Sorry to Arthur, there was no jobs for you. Ooh, you can be Leo, he used to go out with Jools I think.
The Ace Gang