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As I am "Jennerz Your God" I expect you to know all about me. Well, not all because "Jennerz Your God" deserves some privacy me thinks. Anwho, these are a list of things you should know and love about "Jennerz Your God":

Full Name - "Jennerz your God"
Point of existence - To reduce all amounts of Happy People (except those that live in Sofias Happy World and have a license to be happy)
Physical description - In the form of "Jennerz Your God", a sort of unhappy-looking, half-blue haired molusc that owns numerous elves to do the work.
Age: "Jennerz Your God" does not age, for she remains youthful forever more. I have been around for longer and will outlive you all, unless I choose to expire at some random time, which could be any minute if I so desire.
Talents: I am "Jennerz You God"!! I am incredably talented! I have the power to make you walk through the walls, walk on water, walk on hot coals bare-foot and even walk to the moon. (NOTE: I cannot make you walk at all if you are lazy and/or a Darlek. A lazy! Thats one guy I'd love to meet!)
Random Facts:
- I cannot roll my tounge, but can make Lib laugh whilst attempting it.
- I can and will create a way to make buses run on the O.A.Ps dirty breath, as its full of energy as its been through a war or two.
- I have attempted and failed in trying to get Bruno to leave me alone.
- Its is scientificaly impossable to see "Jennerz Your God", unless I wish to be seen by my more loyal of followers.
- Annoy me and I'll have to kill you. You may wish to know that 'extremly grusome deaths' are a great friend of mine (As are 'Stupid Little Gnomes', 'Incredably Short Hummingbirds' and 'Small Wooden Cacti'! All great mates of mine!)
- As featured in Blackadder, Thingy-Shaped Turnips do exsist. They may just exist on certain farms that use more chemicals on their vegatation than Asda, but they exist all right!
- I am "Jennerz Your God".