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The Dangers Of A Science Lesson
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The Dangerous Brothers Present:
The Dangers of A Science Lesson
Now your probably all asking, "How can a science lesson be dangerous?!"

Well i'll tell you!
1) When your in mine and Claudz Biology class, the teacher is so mind-numbingly boring that coma's seem far more interesting, so its common for people to slip into them whilst having to listen to the greatness of an "enzzzzzzzzyme!"
2) When your in chemisty, you could fall asleep due to excesive boringness, and burn your head on a bunsen flame. Also, you could burn your hand or a finger. And should you get so bored and need to sleep, you might like to lay on the desk and have a quick snooze, so your leg could also get burnt.
3) In physics, the student teachers mad ramblings could send you into "Farmer Mode", and may brain-wash you into becoming a green-trousered wearing farmer. As we all know, farms are very dangerous places. Tractors, Mad Cow Diseases and, of course, the biggest danger on a farm, the farmers wife. Them rolling pins leave a bruise when you get hit by them......
4) In Biology, you could be made to play with potato peelers, which could result in dangerous situations. For instance, should you get so depressingly bored in that lesson (not uncommon), you may wish to use this sharp impliment to take out your own eyes, just for something to be doing!
5) In Chemistry, theres many ways that you can be driven to suicide. But not just that, the chemistry room has many ways of letting you follw this task through. Such as, what with the room being on the 3rd floor, you may wish to jump to your bloody death. Or you may wish to drink all of the diffecnt acids. Or even hang yourself on the overhead projector. And even in some rare cases, people have been known to use the smallest of instruments, such as the clocks hands, as suicideal stabbing devices. Thats how band it gets!
So you have been warned!