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The Darkness
As we all know, The Darkness are total fuckheads!
I bet all you "fans" of The Darkness haven't the faintest idea of who "Queen" are, do you?! And if you do, I bet your all still too stupid to realise that Justin Hawkins is a total tossface!
Well i'll tell you about Queen anyway. Queen are a similar, older and better version of The Darkness. Now I can understand why a band would want to impersonate such a good band as Queen, but thats the point....
 .... They don't impersonate so much as stick two fingers up to the memory of Freddie Mercury!*
 Now Mercury was, and still is, a legend. OK, he may be dead (R.I.P), but he was in one of the most mind-blowing bands of the 20th century. Either way, The Darkness have tried to impersonate this by dressing up in outrageous clothing, such as zebra suits and leotards.
 Freddie Mercury wore outrageous, but great, clothing, which helped make him an icon. All you older and/or cooler Jennerlings may remember the music video to the Queen song "(I Want To) Break Free", in which Mercury cross-dressed and hoovered a house in an apron. Weird, yet we loved him.
 Wheras, Justin Hawkins is a prick in a leotard. 'Nuff said!
Freddie will never be forgotten, but the sooner Justin Hawkins fucks off, the better!!!!
Justin Hawkins... I mean COME ON! Ive heard better sounds come out of Stephen Hawking! (The dude in the chair that can't even speak, so that tells you what kind of hatred I feel for Justin)
* Freddie Mercury was the front man of Queen before he tragically died of AIDS on November 24th, 1991 at the age of 45.
Bunch Of Foolishly Clothed...erm... Fools