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Now look here. I LOVE BOTTOM!

No, not in THAT way....
.... But the effing marvelous TV programme. I agree, it only really appeals to certain people, you gotta have a certain type of humour to find it funny. Im happy to say, I have this humour insentive.
I bloody love it, and everything to do with Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson!

Just ask anyone who knows me! They can't even mention something really random, such as Eastenders, before I come out with:
 "Oooh, you know Paul from Eastenders, he was in "The Young Ones" and "Comic Strip Presents..." with Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson.... Ooh and you know what else, one of the pictures in the B&B is actually a prop from Eddie and Richies flat from Bottom..... oooh and Gus from Eastenders was in Bottom dressed as a small devil, and so was Nasty Nick..."

Basically, I don't get out much. Its pathetic really, but I cant help it! I know basically EVERYTHING there is to know! Well, I AM God!
Well ok, the point of this page is to forewarn and forearm you, and let you know about
A) My new site, coming soon, about Rik and Ade
B) About some marvelous sites that I love about Rik and Ade
C) Add links to any other Bottomy pages on this site!

OK, first things first. MY NEW SITE! OK, Im making a new site, and its nearly finished. keep an eye out on the GOD LOG for more information of its departure!
Secondly, I LOVE Sarah Greenwood and Lindsey Allen. Now theyre also from Sheffield ("Nah I don't think it was that far away" - Eddie) and they run THE BEST site in the world, BAR NONE! I don't know them personally, but I thank them here and now! (Meet you in the Mystery Machine) Its marvelously informative and very well made, as well as having a message board that I live on. So PLEASE visit
Ok, and finally, here are some pages Ive already created about Bottom.
Swarmy looking bunch! Which ones the criminal?!