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Been wondering what Vice God Libby and Vice-Vice God Sofia Lauren have been up to lately?! Well its here at long last! Thats correct! Jennerz favourite little Jennerlingz have decided to have a rebellion, and started up their own website.........
.......... And its absolutly hilarious!
"It was t'riffic!" - Our Balderic!
Featuring pages such as "Bands You Must Check Out" and "The Scandinavia Story", this site is deffinatly made Jennerz Your God very happy indeed!

And to prove it, heres one of my FAVOURITE bits:
Did you know, Castaways Travel, a Houston-area travel agency, offers an all-nude flight to Cancun Mexico. Once the plane reaches cruising altitude, you are allowed to take off all your clothes and roam about the cabin.
I just LOVE how the word "CLOTHES" was highlighted!
Still not convinced?! What!!! Are you nuts?!? OK, heres some more hilarious proof!
As we all know, cargo vans are common transport amongst idiots.  One in partuicular is named "Foreskin Face" (or Great Uncle)
He drives around often... and likes to sing in an odd squeeky voice.  No-one has yet caught him... but if you do happen to see him on your travels... please call the authorities.
Thank You.
And, incase you didnt know, "Foreskin Face" has a HUGE..... oh, ok, Ive just been informed that there are young children visiting this site, but for all you teens out there, I think you know what word I meant....
"MONSTER COCK"    (TM of Lib)
Right well, you should ALL be convinced that "The Leaping Tomato" is bloody marvelous, and I think they deserved a whole page to let you know through Jennerz Your God. I mean, its only right! So please direct all your laughter to here!
And I think, should you see Lib or lauren, tell them that the site rules!

Thank you
PS: (Lib you stole my font lmao!)
This is a picture that Lauren drew for the site...
This tomato LEAPS!
... Its a leaping tomato by the way :-)