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Im going to do "A Lib" and tell you all about the best ever gig known to man, woman, child and animal!
On her (marvy) site, which was co-wrote with Sofia Lauren, she has a page entitled "INCUBUS!!!!!!!!!"
This is because, on May the 14th (I think it is), Lib, Lauren and Louise (aka "Geoff") are going to Manchester to see Incubus in concert. Now, I quite like Incubus, and bless all who are privilaged to go to the gig (except James, he gets NO blessing! Grrr! I hope he falls on his arse in a mosh pit.... AGAIN!) so all out there, have fun!

But I, Jennerz Your Bored Person, is very bored indeed, so you all have to hear about my gig.....
... Im going to see THE best band in the world on November the 13th at Sheffield Octogon! If anyone has the chance to go, please go!!!!! Its gonna be bloody marvelous! Absolute sheer brilliance! Im going to see
Sorry Lib and Loz for stealing the whole "promotion" idea, but I can't hold it in! Ive already been telling Lib about it nearly everyday since I found out they were touring again! Then again, Ive been telling everyone!!! Im going with my fellow Motörhead fan, Ja Tom Tina.
All of you in dearest Sheffield, if you want to go, but have no hard, street and cool friends who also like Motörhead, then get in touch with me and me and Ja Tom will be happy to accompany you to THE BEST GIG OF MY EFFING LIFE!
Tickets are £19.50, but its worth even that just to hear Ace Of Spades (AKA The best song in the world!)
If anyone out there wants to slate Motörhead, please also get in touch with me, and I'll be more than happy to go round your house and shove your head up your fucking arse, so you'll spend the rest of your sad pathetic little lives crawling about on all fours looking for the light-switch! And so, as Lemmy himself would say, "fuck you, and the horse you rode in on!!" Clear?! Goooood good!
Just a suggestion: I suggest you buy the album entitled "Another Perfect Day", its the first one of Motörhead's that I purchased, and its brilliance personified. "Overkill", ooh and "Bastards" are also great. I really like those albums. "England" is pretty good too.... Look, just buy the lot!

So far, since making this page, a few other people have joined the troops!
 Also joing us on this little outing of rock is Jeff, Arthur and Leo. Any more offers?

Many of you may have cool parents who like Motörhead. Tell them from me that they rule. Thank you.