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Who ARE They:
 Well, Vicz is also known as Victoria Wood...but not the comidean, even though she is really funny... but you know what I mean. Actually, is there any point in knowing what I mean? No? I thought not. Anyways, thats not even her real name, but I undoubtably believe that she will one day marry Elijah Wood. Vicz is my older sister who I love dearly 'coz shes really cool. How sad. But she shall carry on ruling the "Walton" part of the world when I am gone. And for your information, the Walton part is not just on the top of a hill in America, where everyone has hill-billy names and voices. Anyways, this page is for her and her best friend, who I also love!
 her best mate being Loz, who is also known as Lauren Hitchcock (it'll happen one day my sweet!), and I love her 'coz shes contributed to one of my favourite drunken times. I don't get out much. Plus, Laurens lovely really, and shes piss funny! "Imagine if you heard your mum talking to the rabbit...."


Fact Files!

Name(s): Vicz, Vic, Jezabel (Jides name!), Lady Of The Night, 'Toria and whatever else I fancy nameing her. For Lauren, shes known as Loz, basically. Oh, and Jide calls her "Cheeky". I didnt ask.....


Reason For Being:

- Helping Jennerz Your God get drunk. 
- Making Jennerz Your God piss herself laughing.
- Being able to do both of the above at the same time!

Age: A combined age of 32. Lauren is older by just 5 days.


- Eating, drinking, and maybe building a little fort, but thats it!
- (As Georgia would say:) The important things in life, such as playing records, wearing make-up and trapping boys
- Drinking. But theyre not alcoholics. No no no, alcoholics got to meetings, wheras Vic and Loz are drunkards.



Other random Info:
- Invented most of Jennerz Your Gods vocabulary. Look out for it in the up-and-coming book, "The Jennerz Your God Dictionary" (with free thesurus!)


Likes/ Dislikes:

Dislikes - People who mock Blazin' Squad and/or Busted. *coughing fit*. Lauren also dislikes people who break her mirror frames... I blame Darth entirely!

Likes - Blazin' Squad, Busted, jail birds, alcohol.

Quotes (Bloody funny how they say them!):
- "Crist!"
- "(Fu)'ckin yes!"
- "Lord!"
- "I DO know!"
- "Yes, yesss!!"
- "Bless"
- "Casually!"
- and also repeating things really high pitched/ in a "shocked" voice

And so now you know about my favorite double act. Apart from Rik and Ade. But other than that, smashing! Vic and Loz, you rule. Anyone who disagrees with be dealt with severly.

Loz 'N' Vicz