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Claudz: God Of All Bottom

Winner the award for


From: Claudia: God Of All Bottom
Date: Sunday, 4th of January 2004
hello fellow Jennerz worshippers!!!

I lovin the site and the new tribute GO LIB!!!!
U all rule!!!!!!!!
I cant believe we hav 2 g back 2 dat hell hole (a.k.a. the dreaded skool of evil) *sob*
Havin strange Bottom Frenzy as i type so i will try Jennerz wonderful ways of recovering
loadza luv
Claudz, God of all thingz Bottom!


From: Claudia: God Of All Bottom
Date: Thursday, 8th of January 2004
hello all dear followers of JENNERZ

as u may or may not know i (as claudz, God of all things bottom) have recently been trapped in "some kind of nob gag bermuda triangle" a.k.a. a bottom frenzy. yet i have recovered (yay) *mini dance* (y not a big dance?)
i have fallen into a P.K.F. (oops) a.k.a. a Peter Kay Frenzy ("cheese....cake!?!?")

i have also found the technical name for a wanker (as u may or may not need or want to know ... but i couldnt give less of a tiny iccle rats arse hole SO THERE! *blows raseberry*) knackers molesterer - wanka

so i will keep you all informed if i find ne mor 'technical' names!!!!!

loadza luv and Bottom frenzys...

Claudz, God of all things Bottom


p.s. hiya to Jennerz, Libby and Sofia!!


From: Claudia: God Of All Bottom
Wednesday, 13th of January 2004
Hello dear jennerz followers,

i wud jus like to put forward the following statement....
wot in the flying fuck was dat so called "best of british "comedy" talkin bout??? wtf?! i mean cummon, BOTTOM at no. 45 (u gotta b kiddin) gimme gimme gimme dint even get a look in!!!  fuck me!!! wot the hell?! since wen as Dads army been funny? and fawlty towers (fuckin twaty mor like)

loadza luv...


p.s. nigel's brova looks like a sheep!!!! hehe

p.s. hiya libby n sofia lauren


From: Claudia: God Of All Bottom
5th of April 2004

hey all who luv jenn, anyone else can go jump off a fuckin cliff!!!!!!
anywho, how are you all?????? I am outraged at the over grown penis (a.k.a. Bradley - Jenn's deranged druggy bf) !!! Why is he tryin 2 act like jack middleton???? stupid foolish bollock brained arse head ..... features (sorry ran out of disses)
Jenn tell him dat if he dares to disobey you den i will kick his teeth in!!!!
anyway back to reality ..... shame i love being unconscious *punches self in face* ........ i luv libby and lauren because they keep me amused in goddamn spanglish afta skool with there randomness and gorilla pictures... ooooooooo nessy went home with a migrain!!!!!!!!!!!!


From: Claudia: God Of All Bottom
Friday, 23rd of April 2004
hello my wonderful people!!!!!!!

before i go on, i have to say "my tribute fuckin rocks" thanks jenn. anyway..... i'm sorry i haven't bein writing in  here much. have u seen my "ideas" page???? OOOOOOOOOOO afta the exams i get to make my own but my bloody parents wont let me till then.

sooooooooooooooooooooo, bradleys a twat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i dont hav a picture for that)

theres not much goin on in my life at the moment except the usual "u should be revisin!!!" - dad

and "wash the pots!" - mum

  Claudia xXxXx


From: Claudia: God Of All Bottom
Date: Saturday, 15th of May 2004
heeeeeeelo my bottom worshippors, this is claudz, god of all things bottom speaking!!

well, this has been inter-estin-G!!!! hasn't it???? (in the words of micheal kyle - from the no.1 programme "my wife and kids" -

i'm bored out of my teeny tiny lillte mind!! i'm soooooooo bored i may have to resort to doin my *vomits blood* ........ maths homework *shudders at the thought* no i'm not THAT bored ... well i am but i'd loose the power of sight.
 * Note from Site Owner AKA Jennerz: MONICA! WHAT THE FUCK!? My Wife and Kids is the Number one tv show eh?!?!?!...... I may yet demote you from being God Of All Bottom and make you God of All M.W.A.K     As Tom C would say: "TSK!"


From: Claudia: God Of All Bottom
Date: 23rd of May, 2004
Hi peeps!!!!! how r u all??? (not that u'll reply) i would like to appologise for my stupidity, which would mean my last guestbook message! anyway, my wife and kids is NOT the best program ever, bottom is, and anyone who wud like to disagree will be beated with a very big stick. my wife and kids is cool but bottom is FUCKIN cool. so there *blows (ooer) rasberry*  laters taters
* Note from Site Owner AKA Jennerz: In the words of Sir Richard Richard: "You are forgiven, and you may come to my birthday party"    Which is true, you may! Thats if we have a "Peace Garden Fest" for me, though I doubt it coz A) that would involve effort from both me and my mates and B) I hate my birthday, so I may hybernate! TSK! UUUUUSSSSS!