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Sofia Lauren: Vice Vice God

From: Vice-Vice God Sofia Lauren
Email Address:

Date: Tuesday, 16th of December 2003
Heyy!!! Tis web site totally rocks! And the tribute to Vice god Lib is spot on!! Well, i jus thought i'd sign your groovy guest book and say hi and also add that corsework sucks! I was doin from 11.30am to 8.00pm - too much maths for my brain to handle! It's gonna turn me into a grape ("Grape as in.............grapes" - Vice god lib). Ahhh deary me......"spiderman spiderman does what ever a spider can, spins a web any size catches thives just like flies - look out here comes a spidermannnnn. Is he strong is he tough, he's got radioactive blood - can he swing from a web? Take a look overhead, hey there here goes spidermannnnn. In the chill of night at the scean of a crime, der der der der der, he arrives just in time! Spiderman spiderman friendly neigbourhood spiderman, welcomed then he's ignored, action is his reward. To him life is a great big hang up, when ever theres a hang up here comes spidermannnnnn" (sorry i jus cudnt resist typin out there whole damned thing!)

Peace and Love Lauren xxxxxxxxxxxx ps: rage rock! and so do funeral for a friend. also thanx 4 the choc on my! :)



From: Vice-Vice God Lauren
Date: Thursday, 8th of January 2004

Hey fellow jennez followers! I want to dedicate this song *sob* to my friends and family and especially jennez and Libya: "Your really CRowing on meeeeee (or am i CRowing on youuuu)" he he he :)

Ah deary me. Also arnt these lyrics just the best :
"I hate your guts and want you to die, and
I don't think I need a reason why
Please leave right away, get out of my sight
Before I do something you won't live to regret

Go away
Far away
I don't want you to stay
Drive a car into a wall and die

I would feed your corpse to my guinea pig
And dance a jig all over you remains
I would tell everyone you had gone on holiday
While plugging in the wire between you and the mains"

There from a [spunge] song called 'go away' - (ant heard it but looks like it would sound skill!!))

Don't the lyrics just remind you of certain

Anywayz, peace, lurve, and hugz, Lauren xxxxxxx :)

P.s: never forget "Your just like a faaggggg!"


From: Vice-Vice God Lauren
Date: Monday, 14th of June 2004
hey jennerlings!
I've come to pay some honour to Jennez since i've only wrote two messages in here!! Anyway, i would like top say MR HITLER SUCKS (hopefully not literally, would'nt that be rude!) I can't believe they've kicked up such a fuss about your lip right, which is fabbity fab! They need to check in at the health farm for their sins!!
Also, i am very proud of you and your blink/punky phase. shocked, but tres proud that you like them!!
anyway, must be off got to check the onions arn't burning
peace and love sofia lauren xxxx <3 xxxx

Note from Jennerz Your God: You speak the truth my onion burning chum! i am entering my very own punk phase, and have New Found Glory on right as we speak/type! And its nice to hear from you again!

From: Vice-Vice God Lauren
Date: Wednesday, 1st of September 2004
hey hey hey jennez et her petite pois :) I've just "checked out your site" and it's very rocking per usual!! Although it will be even more rockin' when the new story goes up :P hehehe. (I'm working on it at present jenn dalriiiing) La la laaaaa i thought i'd email you since i was checking my o2 emails AND SHE EMAILED ME AGAIN. I mean wtf? lol but anyhoo, moving swiftly on.... Taking back sunday are mucho fabbity fab with extra marvyness on top :D and erm yeah i'll finish my lil ramble here. well, in a few words lol. Anyway, i'm away laughing on a fast camal
love lauren (aka: sofia lauren) xxxxxxx<3xxxxxxx *UG!*
                                            *~.:[ xx Lauren xx ]:.~*