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Libby The Vice God

From: Vice God Libby
Email Address:
Date: Saturday, 13th of December 2003
"hello all reader 2 jennerz' yr God's website! this is your vice god libby. and if u all havent stopped talking 2 yr mindless friends on la MSN or slammed down yr cup of cold sick in awe of this message then nows the time because your vice god knows all! and u will be severly punished, as i will persuade my very good friend, and your god, Jennerz 2 just...NOT...allow u2 have a place in jennerz heaven. u have been warned.

So...back 2 the acual reason 4 my heavenly typing skills 2 be used. i have been reading yor God's site and noticed she has a page dedicated 2 me. I was soooo chuffed i decided 2 do a thank you speach. id like 2 thank jennerz 4 making me look good (a task not easily acomplished),also that other god jesus dude...who made an entire planet in sumthin like SEVEN days!!! how groovy is that?!, Balewa the penguin (lemme know if ya want more....errr.....sage!), my good friend Pablo (Comparto mi una alfombra con mis amigos Pablo y Balewa!), Lord Melchet ("praise the lord 4 the gift of laughter!"), the dude who buys my candy every single day (hope u win bingo next week! good luck!), Wendoline (4 allowing me 2 make a dustmite circus in her classroom), Montgomery the clown fish (i think mrs hessity will take u in "take u in".....i do mean allow u 2 "board" in her house....nothing else), fanny the fungus dwarf (ill 4give u but dont even think about breaking my boat again) clueso, 4 just having an amusing tash (he DOES have a tash doesnt he?!), Gavin Gallworthy (4 a thorughly exciting time on the set of your show!).

Other people id like 2 thank : Zurg, Father, Clive (ill see ya soon buddy, hope yr comfy on ypour cloud! im sure some of jennerz' minions with u some more philladelphia on toast! yum!), Benneth Corbyeth's gooniness (who without his aid -sex aid more like - my picture wud not have been possible) and to flossie (im sorry, dear benneth can be slightly rough sometimes cant he!!! im sure yr err..."hole" shall heal someday) (when i said "cant he!!!".......i wasnt talking from personal experience)

Anyway that is the end of my thank you speach. thnks jenn, and sorry if my "guestbook msg" is a bit err.....LONG! its jst that i thort id like.........babble on.

so bye dudes, i shall be writing in this guestbook often....jennerz, u best post this, took me yrs 2 write.

Love and melchet impressions,

Vice God Libby xxxxxxxxxXxxxxxxx "


From: Vice God Libby
Email Address:
Date: Wednesday, 31st of December 2003
"Hey dudes and dudettes...and any other half gendered beings (or maybe total reets) but retardish is the best way to be. worked 4 me so far.....

Anyway less of that. I have an apointment to watch "Blackadder: Back And Forth" later and its just CRACKING!!! with good old balders!

but earlier i was watching......THE DINGLES DOWN UNDER!!!!!!! which is, by far, one of the best productions ever made.

It is the story of the famous australia. theyve got a linedancing band called "The Woolpackers" and they jet off and well....just BE HILARYAYE!!!!!

here are a few hilaryaye quotes from the film/long soap section type thingmabob:

"This must be great stuff! i just saw our vehicle driving itself!" -Zack's Cousin Crocodile.

"The Woolpackers?! I thought ya said he were your friend?!" -The ever dudesome Marlon.

"Why can't i go 2 australia?!" -Marlon
"Number 1: You've never shown the slightest bit of interest in the band!
2:Yr not musical!
and 3: Some1 needs 2 feed t'pigs!" -Zack

"Oh..............great!" *Does sarcastic "OK" sign with hand* -Marlon (HILARAYE!)

"Waltzing Matilda! Waltzing Matilda!" -The gang singing on beach lmao

"Comon comeover! Y'all gather round!" -The Woolpackers great song!

"I cudnt choose between charchose or yella une!" -Mandy the heffer

"FAT PEASENT! did you see her frock....." im sure yove got a taster of the ever hilaryaye Dingles, youll never know its true quality without actually seeing it! so buy it in all gay retailers NOW! Even Jennerz Your God reccomends it!!! (i think/hope)

Anyway, ill be off young halflings!

Eat, drink and be merry!!!


Love Vice God Libby XxxxxxXxxxxxXxx