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This is for Sofia Lauren, for I love her. She is God of All Grooves. And she is Vice Vice God of the North. And Vice God of the South. And she owns the East.
Click for Laurens Picture, which she drew especially for this site.
Lauren rules, and shes been nice to me, so shes allowed a tribute page. She follws many before her, such as Vice God Lib, Super Hero Ja Tom, and the forgotten Bob The Eskimo. We still love ya though Bob.
 Well, thats not really important for now, because this is for Lauren, AKA Sofia Lauren.
Random Factfile:

Name(s): Lauren, Loz, Sofia (her royal name), Sofia Lauren, Purple Monkey
Reason For Being:
- Being dudesome
- Her hair! We're hair twins, only hers is coolers, for it is black!
- Saving up all her wages from her job at the lollypop factory so she can help me and Lib buy a Hippy Wagon called Rusty.
- Collecting buttons
- Being the best damn skanker at Corp!
Age: Older than her teeth, but just as old as her tounge.....
- Dancing/ grooving/ jigging
- Creating groovy dance moves for Corp.
- Making houses out of cards
- Being the most subtle when mocking The Crow.
Other random Info:
-Lauren is not a pineapple
- She is not a mango
- She is not any other kind of fruit
- She knows that BRADLEY GOT LAID!!!!
- Shes my hair twin

Likes/ Dislikes:

Dislikes - THE CROW.... although hes ok with her now. Although he is still a bird.

She liiikes - Monsters......


- "Oh my God! Bradley got LAID!"
- "Crow!"/ "Woof!"

Lauren, so now you know she rules. And if anything should happen (God (AKA ME) forbid) to myself, or Libby, she will be crowned GOD OF THE NORTH. Similarily (Did i spell that correct? Theres so many "i"s!!), should Louise be unable to fulfil her duties as God of The South, Lauren will also be crowned God, all over again!
  She already owns the East, and theyve got their own Air Hockey team!! Basically, shes being nice to Jennerz Your God, hoping I'll give her bits of the planet, bit by bit. And because I love her, i may give in. I love ya Loz!

PS: Her mum rules! Bless you, dearest Lynn.