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In the World Of Jennerz Your God, everyone has an aim and a task. here are some of my friends, and their enrolments. if you also want a vocation in your life, email me and I'll employ you.
Jennerz Your God - God of the north.
Louise Your God - God of the south (ooer)
Vice God Lib/ Lib God Of All Veg and Melchet Impressions - Lib is in charge of all Melchet impressions, and all vegetables. She is also Vice God, should anything happen to me.
Vice Vice God Lauren/ Sofia God of All Grooves - Lauren is so special she has a royal name, Sofia. Shes also Vice God of the South. Shes the grooveyest peep I know.
Dom, President of the National Peach Protest - She does a great job of organising all forms of Peach Protests.
Claudz God Of All Bottom - Shes the first dude I ever got the chance to have Bottom Frenzies with. I sulute you.
Rachel, God Of All Queen - Loves Queen, and helps me to love the "Fit Drummer Dude" from School Of Rock. Actually, its Snay-Blay!
Aine, God Of All Barry - God of all dogs named Barry.
Ja Tom The Super Hero - He is the official super hero for the North. He is also God Of All Grass.
Liz God of all Sea Creatures - Including God of Swordfish!
Katie: God of all Pink Hair and Rik/Ade Quotations - A bit like Claudz God of All Bottom, but Katie has pink hair and lives in my house.
Paul God of All Rainbows and Grammer - Enough said in the name basically.
Mr Dobson, God of All DT Lesson - The best D&T teacher this side of the equator! WE SULUTE YOU!