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So you think Jennerz Your God has only been around for 1004? Think again! This site was started in November of 2003, and heres what I put in my God Log bac then...all that time ago.............

Monday, 10th of November, 2003:

 Had a shit day again, Jennerz Your God spyed James hanging around (all casual like!) on the tram with his Big-Head brother. Thats pretty much all, but it was a shit day!
Wednesday, 12th of November, 2003:
 Jennerz Your God has become increasingly displeased! Well, my "ex-Boyfriend" is practically drooling over Jennerz Your God's younger sister! I mean, excuse me if I am wrong (even though it isn't possable for me to be wrong) but thats just the slightest bit WRONG if you ask me! Tutting in proccess!
 Other than that, Jennerz Your God has been slaving away for The Facist Dictators (AKA The Teachers) of the school for the day, and is very pissed off. Ah well, Jennerz Your God will get over it, because theres another little friend of hers called "revenge" that will be in use over the next few days..... Sorry, can't really say that, dont wanna land Your God in shit of the deep variety now do we. Hmmmm...
Saturday, 15th of November, 2003:
Still displeased, though this site is "nearing completion". Im just really bored at the moment so im adding to this... again. My social life is like that of a rather unpopular beetle.... and I don't mean the band members. My mum didnt seem to think that today was hilarious, but who really cares, I mean cummon! She thinks I care that she hates me. Hows about I don't! Im really bored recently, so please email me at and talk to me. "Jennerz Your God" will be happy to provide. Thanks!
Monday, 17th of November, 2003:
Jennerz Your God is appologising to all who came onto this site expecting to find it fun. It kinda was...until certain facists (*COUGH!COUGH!* My my, that sore thorat has gotten bad(!)!) decided to make me delete most of the, lets call it "incriminating", stuff. I mean, wheres the fun in that! I'll have to talk about boring stuff like, like...Chicken Soup! Now I know that you don't want that, so email me at to protest against the facisim I have to put up with. Thanking you kindly.
 Also, I had a GCSE maths test today. Random but true, sorry.

Thursday, 20th of November, 2003:
I added a bit of the "continental" to my site today. Check my "French Argument" page to see what Im on about! (WARNING: Never let your mother eat a French guy's donkeys! They may get angry!). "What else happened to "Jennerz Your God" today" I hear you cry! Well...
Dear sweet Katie ruined me by skipping off into the sunset with my ex. No doubt about that. Not only did they not care, but they lasted less than a week before Katie "saw the light" and left him. Little did she know, that "light" was just a train in the entrance to the tunnel, heading straight for her. Don't know what I mean?! Nah, neither do I really, but I do know that she thinks im gonna forget about it all and forget about all the crap ive been through over her for the last few days. Ive been grounded, Ive been in arguments, my family have done a "Freeze Out" thing on me, Ive been on a protest (though that was about George Bush, so not really relevant in this case).
Oh yeah, I went a-protesting yesterday. It was in Sheffield, where Jennerz Your God is from, and it was pretty cool. Basically, it was walking around town chanting about getting rid of Tony Blair and George Bush. Vice-God Libby and Vice-Vice-God Sofia Lauren went also, as did Sam and his (overly fit) brother, Matt.
"Fun times!" (- TM of Vic!)
PS: I miss James.

Sunday, 30th of November, 2003
Its nearly Ye Olde Christmas (oh joy(!)). Don't get me wrong, its cool an' all, but its a bit over-rated nowadays. And as a "christmas treat", we have to do stupid "country dancing" in pe. Looks like im booking my time off for then....
 Also happening - Check the new page, "The New Matrix". Written by and starring myself and Vice-Vice-God Lauren, mostly VVG Lauren (and she wrote it out). Its kinda fun, and shows our enemies what we really think of 'em (We wanna kick their ass, Matrix style!)

Sunday, 7th of December, 2003
I can't believe that I forgot to tell you about the greatness of the newest album that I bought!!! Shame on me!! Ok, weeell, its Rage Against The Machine - Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium and it just rocks arse! Unless you own this album, you have no idea how utterly fab it is!!! Aw man its so muchly good!!! Its the last gig they did, recorded and put on CD (and im getting the DVD soon also!) Its just the best thing since sliced bread..."and sliced bread was pretty darn great!" (-Quote of Gay Boy Rob).
 oh Jesus wept! (I can't say "Oh My God" anymore you see) I hate Rob, stupid Sea Cucumber lover (name courtesy of Vice God Lib). Hes such a..a...a...LETTUCE! (name also courtesy of VG Lib). i mean, what IS his point in life?! To annoy me?! Well, thats everyone else on this planets aim, so why should he be different eh!? I proper hate him, and I need anger management whenever Im near him. Man hes such a piece of salad!
   Ah well, me and Vice God Lib'll have fun plotting his sweet sweet murder. Mwahahaaa!


Tuesday, 9th of December, 2003

Saturday, 13th of December, 2003
Ok Louise! Keep your wig on! OK, I'll admit! I havnt wrote in my God Log for some time, but, as its lil ol' you, I'll put something. Don't blame me if its crap "news", but nothings happened recently!
("Breaking news, breaking news, breaking news... with our man at the scene..."   "Hello"... *he falls backwards*)
 Basically, ive done nothing but add a new tribute to my site for Vice God Libby, finish all my coursework for maths at a rushed rate, and also sat and watched a none-stop Dare To believe then Blackadder marathon. Happy now?! Your full of boring knowledge about my week!
 Actually, some of that information was quite interesting. Dare To Believe is so funny!! People, you MUST watch it! Its on ITV1, Thursday nights at around 1:45am! Jennerz Your God COMANDS you to watch it!!! Its totally rules! The best bits to watch out for are "The Bicycle Box/ Man" and "Jimmy The Jab". Its so good! And Vice God Lib agrees!! I'll leave you with some advice from the great programme itself...:
Fly like a mouse....
 Run like a cushion...
 BE the small bookcase!
    ("I'd be much obliged... much obliged....")

Monday, 15th of December, 2003
Urm... nothing much has happened, but V.G Lib advertised Jennerz Your God today by writing my worship details on the whiteboard in Chemistry. Happy days. Also, I think a guy that I know has suddenly started to become fit! I mean, where did THAT come from!! Very weird me thinks. But still, life goes on eh.

Sunday, 21st of December, 2003
Gotta say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to some peeps, so here goes:
Lauren - 15th, Laura - 19th and Vicz - 20th. Happy Birthday dudes.
Anywho, back in the real world (TM of VG Lib) its nearly Christmas, Ive broke up from school AND ive only had two fights! So, things ARE looking up! I fear that GB heard me diss her yesterday. Sorry, did I say "fear"? I meant "hope"! "Oh watch me shake in my shoes(!)" Its sheer pathetico (Another TM of Lib... shes on a roll!) ("Lets roll")
oh and by the way, WATCH LOTR NOW! IT ROCKS (Well, Vic saw it and said it does... I have yet to sample its delights. But I will, never fear!)
By the way (also), im over such-and-such... no longer finding him fit! Phew!
Also, I saw James again today and he looked godly as usual (*sigh*).
Happy Christmas to all, unless I dont like you.

Friday, 26th of December, 2003 (BOXING DAY):
So we've gone past Christmas and what do we have left.... A SHIT LOAD OF GOODIES, THATS WHAT! Its another 364 days before I have to lay eyes on estranged family members, have an actual reason for my drunken behaviour and be made to watch the joys of Christmas TV! Well, unless someone taped it, or else im safe for another year! But it does mean, yes, im afraid we have to wave a solumn goodbye to those cola adverts where the fireplace turns (rather scarily) into a truck. I mean, what the fuck! I was terrified as a child (well, I wasnt, but it can help in my case to sue them cant it!)
 Anywho, Jennerz Your God celebrated Christmas like most of you lot did.... Face down on the floor after getting completly hammered ("T'is the season after all!" - Lib). Well, the rest of the day was a blur of wrapping paper, screaming and alcohol. So, a usual day, only I don't usually have the wrapping paper. But anyway, im moving away from the point ("Oh we've got a plot this year?!" - Eddie). I got some rather dudesome swag this year, including my guitar. Its a bitch (in a good way man!) and shes a real beaut!
 So, to all my lil Jennerlings, have a very merry holiday! So eat what you like, dance to what you like and (most importantly!) drink what you like!!!!!

Tuesday, 30th of December, 2003
Is this the age we live in?!? Has it really got this bad!? Leonard Peilter wrongly imprisoned, Avril Lavigne still in the "music" industry, and Janine marrying Barry!! Whats wrong with the world?!?! Also, this week saw the death of our beloved "Wipeout" presenter, Bob Monkhouse. yes, dear Jennerlings, he is gone, to a better place. Out of the world where things get so mad that Bush was elected! yes, its really going to pot ("Pot" being the operative word!) I have to rant about this, why does everyone have to be "Cool", then protest that they arnt, knowing full well that theyre just lying? Well, thats the impression I get from our society!
 Society blows. As does New Year. Quote of Chandler... "its just a stupid Dick Clarke holiday"! As a none-American, I am as yet unaffected by Dick Clarke, but they brought it on themselves!