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Think back to the merry days of Jennerz Your God being in Y7. Well, they wernt good days actually! They were bollocks! But there was sliver lining to my cloud, I sat with Louise (Your Other God) in a lesson. But the dark cloud to this small sliver lining was...... IT WAS MATHS! And the worst news is yet to come.... Our teacher was none other than MR MULLOLY! *dramatic music*

Who in the name of santas beard is Mr Mullolly?!
 Mr Mullolly is a total and utter perve. Or as the french would (probably) say - Mr Mullolly es le perve!
 He bloody is you know! He'd sit all the chicks in short skirts at the front of the class and shine the floors, so the reflection would see up their skirts! Ingeneious, or vile? I suggest the second one.
 And he hated the lads in my class. I can't really blame him for that, 'coz they were all nobheads.
 Also, he was always drunk. Aaaah, now those WERE the days! he'd stagger around the classroom and go into his Perve Cupboard at the back of the class (or "Le Cupboard au Perve") and drink more, and come out staggering more than ever.
Why are you telling us this you fool?!
 Aha! Well, the moral of this story is this: Louise, my dear friend who kept me sane during these usually unbearable lessons, left the school in about May. probably his smell drove her away, and I can't say I blame her actually. Anyways, the thing is, we decided to keep the legecy of his perveness going, and a song was written in tribute! And here it is! Pour vous, my own public!
He is a testicle, testicle, testicle
He is a testicle, testicle man!
Verse 1:
To burn off the fat, he likes to go swimmin'
But when hes there he just rapes all the women!


He is a testicle, testicle, testicle
He is a testicle, testicle man!

Verse 2:
He goes to the pub and then to a bar
Finding a girl and then he steals her bra!

He is a testicle, testicle, testicle
He is a testicle, testicle man!
What happens if Ive got a verse I want to add?!
 Then write to meeee! We lost the original copy of the lyrics, but making them up as we go along never hurt anyone! Email me at and I'll add it! Thanks!

Louise, my fave fiance, is great. God bless her, and her lil cotton socks!