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WHEY THE LADS! HADDAWAY AND D'SHITE! To Claudz, a very Bottomy Dudette indeed! This is por vous for poking me into updating the site! (ALso thanks to Louise for reminding me too).

Richie: Bloody hell Eddie, that was a bit of a lock-in, wasn't it?

Eddie: Yeah...

Richie: Two bloody nights drinking! Bloody yeah! Wa-hey the lads!

Eddie: What?

Richie: I said wa-hey the lads!

Eddie: Yeah, I thought that's what you said. What the fuck does it mean?

Richie: Oh God Eddie, you're such a Southerner, aren't you. Us Geordies
say it all the time. Wa-hey the lads! Haddaway and d'shite!

Eddie: All right, I, I'll repeat it: what the fuck does it mean?

Richie: Wahey the lads!

Eddie: Yes.

Richie: Well, it means, er, it means ah, ahh, it means come on everyone,
let's weigh all the lads. "Hello, my name's Richard, I'm thirteen
and a half stone, and, ah, what about you, er, Spender?"

[The doorbell rings.]

Richie: Front door, Eddie. Hurry along.


Me and The Claudz, God(ess) of All Bottom, love Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson. Here are some quotes from stuff theyve been in. We loooove it!


"Dynomite down the pants... EXPLODO!" - Sir Adrian
"Unusually entertaining, I trust you'll agree!" - Sir Richard

"Bloody yeah! We did, didn't we! We sure won that bet!" - Rich
"No we didnt. Thats why we ate his dog!" - Eddie

'Well maybe we should eat our flakes.' - Eddie

'Can i drink your juice?" - Eddie

'You're just a door. I'm Rik fucking Mayall. Close!' - Richie (In Rik Mode)

'You'd better hurry up Rich because I'm becoming increasingly horny.' - Eddie

'Mr Big. It's a sort of modest name for him. He should be called Mr absolutely fucking enormous, and violent and ugly and surrounded by the dead and dying.' - Eddie

"Its ironic really because 1,500 other people want to kick their teeth in!" - Richie (In Rik mode!)

E) 'What is the opposite of horn?'
R) 'Is it fish?'


This is from the Bottom Movie, which i think is the best bit!

R) 'Feeb! One boiled egg.'
E) 'Feeb, hello?'
R) 'Yes hello. One boiled egg.'
E) 'Feeb hello?'
R) 'Yes hello.'
E) 'Feeb, who is it?'
R) 'Feeb, it's Mr Twat!'
E) 'Feeb, he's not here. Can I take a message?'
R) 'Look it's me, Eddie it's me! Stop embarrassing me and take the order.'
E) 'Ow!'
R) 'One boiled damn, Feeb one boiled, oh forget the feeb! Look, one boiled egg!'
E) 'Hang on, I'll write it down.'
R) 'Don't write it down, just remember it!'
E) 'Ok, how do you spell egg?'
R) 'No, just remember it!'
E) 'Oh hang on a minute, I've broken my pencil. I'll just have to find another one. Sorry, feeb!'
R) 'Eddie? Feeb Eddie!'
E) 'Yeah?'
R) 'Look, here's a pencil.'
E) 'Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Aaaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhh!'
R) 'Look, here's the order, now copy it out and cook it.'
E) 'But it'll taste all papery.'
R) 'Just do it. Or I'll pop these ok?'

All quotes from the bloody marvy dudes that are Rik mayall and Adrian Edmondson. Ah, ggggrrrrreat days!!!!