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Dom is a very scary being... its not that she says "BOO" after jumping out from behind walls as such, but shes got "one of those" minds.....
As I pointed out, Domonique can be quite a scary person, and I don't mean she owns a few witch masks.... I mean shes, well, see the stories that she wrote in her mid-boredom (IE A Maths lesson) and you'll know what I mean. What I wanna know is why was she so bored when she had me sat with her! Ok, point taken...

The Stories:
1) The first time....

"You can always remember your first time. I was at on my bedroom floor pulling back the skin, being careful not to make it squirt. I pulled away the white stuff and took a bite.....
..... My very first tangerine!"

2) BIRDMAN - writen with the help of a thesurus.
One day, a soul of the homosapiens hiked to the emporium. Abruptly, another manservant of the homosapiens had voiced vociferously. "Ahhh! Birdman! PLUG HIM!". So, ill-fated Birdman hiked back to his dwelling, The Cage. His dam (mum) eyed him savagely and butchered him. She then slashed him up and ate him, along with Birdmans old man (Dad), kin (Other family members) and his moth eaten cur (dog). Unexpectendly, the fuzz cropped up and apprehended Birdmans dam (mum). Everyone was very dismayed at Dams capture and sent a projectille to The Fuzz head-quaters and set Dam untied. "Good Shepard, Birdwoman of the homo-sapiens! You are rather more corpulent!"
"I know, I ate The Fuzz!". So they all went back to their dwelling, The Cage.
The Closure

3) Jenn and James get it on....... oh wait! That's not Doms story, I dont know how THAT got in there.... *ahem*...

4) Another of Doms dreams. Sat in the classroom, Doms done her homework wrong, and her talking-back gets her dragged down to see an "example". Its the same as hers, and shes told to "Stop being clever" when she complains when her name isnt "Monique". The probability of *ahem* Thingy Sizes are inapropriate in the classroom, so Dom complains and ends up in Matts room, and he protests against the teacher. So she throws a CD player at her.

5) This is what Dom wrote, which I find HILARIOUS!
 My Mind isnt always the safest place to be, I mean lets put it this way, I wouldnt want to meet it in a dark alley. And its mine! I have lots of very weird thoughts. Here is one of many weird, strange and deluded thoughts that belong to My Mind...


I was at home, as usual, but it was quite late and I was tired. I had been up quite early because again William and Louie woke up, so naturally, everyone else had to be up!

I turned off the TV and got up of the sofa. I glanced out of the window. As I was walking to the door, and the same haunting thought hovered in my head. The thought of a dead person throwing themself at the back door, or just casually walking around our garden. I should add that these are only thoughts and NOT images that I experience. Unfortunately my over-active imagination doesnt stop torturing me once I leave the sitting room. I walked up to the landing, where I knew I would be greeted by the small, square opaque windows fixed into our middle door, and one, to the door in front. Our front door. My imagination would place a dark, shadowy image in our porch, forcing me to run up the second flight of stairs, were you very easily saw the first, and ran into the bathroom, quickly locking the door behind me. I would go to the toilet, of which I had no fears of, then I would go to the sink, which is the first thing you would see when you open the door. Above the sink was a mirror. This is where I would purposely freak myself out, but then I would genuinely be scared. I would picture a mad, murdering man, covered in cuts and blood to walk in behind me, causing the mirror to show me this image. I would look behind me just to prove to myself that it was my imagination. Once I opened the bathroom door I would look down to the first light of stairs, where, again, another disturbing thought, and image, is placed in front of me. An image of the girl from The Ring crawling up the stairs on her way to scare me to death, I would be her next victim. My legs would over-run my imagination and quickly carry me to my bedroom where I would lock my door, in order to protect me from my own mind, to secure me from my evil thoughts. My room was my sacred, pure hideaway. Where evil wouldnt be seen dead in.

The long and short of the story is that I watch TV and a film about a dying man, who was turning into a woman, naturally! (Weird!) Then at his burial he had to be placed under this red tree with his coffin made from its bark and a small tree at the bottom of his coffin. Then he, in his coffin, and the tree had to be burned. His family couldnt be arsed to do all that so they didnt burn him. Then my mum ended up cooking a chicken in our oven but it wouldnt fit. (That is because it was the dead man in disguise, and he told me that at my family reunion, which was taking place that day, they all had to eat the chicken, for him to rest in peace or he would kill us ALL!!!!) Then when we had the reunion, we were sat at a big, long table outside with the dead man, for some reason, in a hole in the ground, next to the table. When we went to eat the chicken it tasted horrible, so no one ate it. Unaware to them none of them knew the importance of eating the chicken. Then the chicken turned into the dead mans head and he climbed out of the ground and tried to kill my youngest brother, Louie. So me, being great and brave said, "NO! Take me instead!" hoping that he would ignore me and kill Louie, but oh no he listens to me and comes towards me. So I run off, being the brave heroin that I am. By this time it is the middle of the night, and I am being chased by another dead man, and not the previous one. The problem was the new dead man was invisible, like a ghost. I am running towards Hillsborough and then I see some of my friends, Rachel and Áine. They are being chased too! I catch up with them but then the ghost man grabs me by the neck and holds me against the wall and I think, Fuck this, youre not killing me you freaky Dutch bastard and then he is gone - chasing Áine and Rachel. So I go and catch up with them, and Áine falls behind, but I cant be bothered to go and get her. Then Rachel grabs me by the arm and says, "You knew I fucking hope you die!" I was shocked by this and "Dont say that Rachel". Then I carry on running. (I am heading for the police station by the way, but the road seems to be never ending.) Then we end up in the police station and I tell them to put Áine and Rachel in separate cells away from each other, because they will go mad if they are near each other. Then as I being interviewed by the police a police officer comes in for my great assistance. "Áines dying!" So I go to the cell, where I realise that she is being possessed by the second dead man (the first one does come back in the story soon, dont worry) so I tell them to get Rachel. We manage to sort her out by saying "Mind over body, mind over body" etc and then I am told that all my family except my baby cousin Josie is dead. The first dead man killed them! I found out that because Liz, her mum was so determined that she wouldnt be killed she wasnt. And that is why when I was grabbed by the neck I wasnt killed, because I was determined not to be. Then when I got over that, which was quickly, because I was still at the police station I tell the police to bury the first dead man in the way that he wanted, (see above) and to hurry. Then they do that and everything is well. The End


Domonique has been to the mental clinic on many occasions, but has yet to be sectioned. Until then, she will continue to write this stuff.