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You know who you are, but I'll throw you on here anyway. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you shouldn't be here looking!
Sorry to anyone Ive missed, but these are my bestest of buddys. If your not on here, never fear! Its not that I, Jennerz Your God, doesnt love you, its just that you have yet to prove your everlasting love with gifts (mainly consisting of chocolate....with the exception of Sofia Loren 'coz I do remember my birthday prezzie!) if I know you, I may not like you. Don't cry, even though I know its devatsating, but I do love most of ya ("Hoorah!")

As "Jennerz Your God" I cannot be expected to keep an eye on all my many friends and followers. Here are a list of my more important ones!

 Lib - The dude of dudes, Vice God and total...well, total DUDE! Lets get the rumours straight - Libs "Near Lesbian Experience" was a one off, so all you Tatu Wannabes can smeg off! Rocking on and being at gigs with my good self is much fun for us, espesh when random mini-fights occur, and games of "Follw The Light". hehe. Anywho, this dude rocks arse, OK!
Dom  - An incredably amusing character, muchly fun and gets high on strepsils. Shes just a duderism really, rock on! Thesurasus' rule! Look up "hole"...... Shes the president (ooooooh! *amazed*) of the NPP (national Peach Protest). Happy days. We've even got her funeral song sorted. "Ding dong the which is dead....". Aww, i dont mean it really, I really love her and want to have her babies. Actually, scrap that last bit im drunk! WOOHOO!
 Lauren - Sofia Loren. You rule the world of "Happy People". "Spiderman, spiderman, friendly neighbourhood Spiderman!" We'll kick ass in our own lil Matrix one day, I know it!
 Louise  - You will all hail the Squidly-Didley! Crazy,mad and an all-round dudette! This totally dudesome dudette named Jennerz Your God! Jennerz Your God rules the North Side of the Jennerized World and the Squiderisized world is in the south ("South eh....")
 Claudia - Claudz rulez! As do Ye Olde Bottom Frenzies! Imagine that your sat in the middle of a science lesson and Nicola's drawing all over your arm... well then you turn to Claudz and shes reciting the coolness of Bottom! Its commonly known as a "Bottom Frenzy". Warning: Sometimes its easy to catch from her, if you get to close you'll be reciting Bottom for the rest of the day! How cool!
 Richard - My Graphics Buddy! Keeping "Jennerz Your God" happy during these lessons has garanteed you a place in Jennerz Heaven when you expire from your being. Plus your my Agony Uncle when life gets me down (frequently)
 Nicola M - The future Mrs Beckham. keeps me amused in science lessons while attacking me with pen. Ahh, those were the days. Infact, those still are the days! We actually had a science lesson today!
 Victoria - My rad sister! Ok shes a townie, but everyone has a flaw! Shes a Lady Of The Night, and she don't care one bit! "Jennerz Your God" is very amused by her and her amusingly amusing ways. In short; Shes amusing!
 Liz H - We have a laugh in ICT, discussing the lameness of certain lads that have displeased "Jennerz Your God".
 Ann Marie - Wheres the cold potato?!? It had better be in pristeen condition!
Matt and Greg - Doms husbands, the Helsinki Gigalo Twins!