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This is just a tribute, to Libby the Vice God!
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This is just a tribute..... you gotta believe me... and I wish you were there.... when she did her Melchet Impression.....

Its that good shes got a dedication page!

Libby rules, therefore she is Vice God. This is my bordom. Normally, my bordom is fulfilled with staring at a picture of James for a few hours.. or, if I get severly desperados for something to do, then I feed the penguins in my garden with the freshly raked leaves. I get Pablo to do the leaf-raking... hes my favourite Spanish Immigrant, and he lives in the trees next door. Nice guy...

Anywho, thats not really very linked to The Lib, except that they both get along great! And shes good with the penguins, but other than that, I'll move swiftly on.
Libs file-of-the-fact variety....:

Name(s): Vice God Lib, Libertine, Libian Plateux, The Libster, Jenn's Lil Lesbian Love Monkey (sorry Bradley) and Shanzay (I bet you thought I forgot!)
Reason For Being:
- Being a total dude,
- Her Melchet impressions,
- Running a small candy store by the Bingo place (thats some sweet candy!),
- Being well into stamp-collecting
- and picking the dust-mites off the carpet in her geograpghy lesson.
Age: 201,009,327,738,293 (doesn't she look great for her age!)
- "Bein quiet during trips, clapping along with songs.... and diabetes!"
- Looking for homes for the Clown Fishes that nobody wants,
- Building model boats and letting Dwarves sail in them on the near-by lakes,
- Stalking people in Bodom shirts... so rare yet so brilliant!
Other random Info:
-Lib is coolest of the cool... or anti-cool...well, I think she rocks boot-ay!
- She can roll her tounge... she mocks me as I stand there, watching with sheer envy in my eyes
- She used to have a pet alien called Clive, but he passed away. We'll never forget ya, Space Buddy! *sob*
- Introduced me to my good friend, Clueso. Well, not "introduced", but she pointed him out! Im really quite fond of him....
Likes/ Dislikes:

Dislikes - "I Dislike Fake People A Lot, I Also Dislike People Like BFB (Also Know As Great Uncle K) Because He's Mean, Enjoys The Company Of Idiots, And Has An Upside Down And Inside Out Head." - Quote of Lib herself

She liiikes - "Things things things... recognising things!". it would take too long for Jennerz Your God to say ALL the things, so take my word for it that she likes, erm, "Things" basically!


- "Nooo! Spare me! Nooo!"
- "When a mummy bird and a daddy bird love each other very much they get certain urges...." (She beats Mr Mconnon ANYDAY! ooo-eer...)
- "Is it just me, or does she look like a pineapple....?"
- "Its hilarieye!"
- "Its Pin-Ar-Play!" (She named The Pineapple!)
- "They play with us for their sport!"

re-enactemnts, done by Lib:

- Yes, you've all heard of it! Its the ever-famous "MELCHETT IMPRESSION" (Needed props: a tramstop and innocent by-standers)
- Random Blackadder impressons.. some of the best are:
 "When a mummy bird and a daddy bird...." (see above)
 "Pity poor Tom, for his nose os frozen!"
 "Percy.... its green!"
                    ............... Etc.

Ok, so now we know that Lib rules the world (when I die of course!) but you must be thinking "well, everyone has flaws....."...
  .... Well not today Zurg! Libs the best and doesn't have flaws (except in her house hee hee.. gettit, "floors" in her house? oh forget it!), so poo to you with nobs on! *blows rasberry*. I could make somethink up about her having an unhealthy obsession with "The Neatness Of Pencil-Cases", but that'd be lying. plus thats Doms job...

Anywho, enjoy the picture of her bag (including Clive before he passed away) and also her picture of Nigel.

I am Tiny Tim. So, God bless ya Lib! You rock!

Nigel and Flossie

Lib is proper bo! If I hear you say other wise then I will put you in a bag of colour-blind hedgehogs and make you paint pictures called "Bag Interior"! OK!