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Matrix eh.....

This, my dear Jennerlings, is a story. A story based on The Matrix with a fatal twist. Written by Vice-Vice God Lauren and myself one fateful night, and she wrote it up. this is the product of it. Lauren, you rule!

Rage Against The Dickheads
(The New Matrix)

Rage Against The Dickheads - Part 1
Woof, Squiggles and BFB where all stood around acting like the total fools they are. Then GB went up to greet her gay boyfriend BFB. Lauren and Jenn then suddenly swoop in (matrix style) and take hostage of the ginger twat (Nic). Then as she was evil and Jenn and Lauren are goodies, they put her in a blender and wrapped her up in a box and sent her back to BFB. As you can imagine BFB was not best pleased!

Rage Against The Return Of The Dickheads - Part 2
Her goast comes back, complete with freaky goastly-ginner mop on her head.... and she breaks out of her box and is hell-bend on revenge for us, but cant kill Lauren and Jenn because shes a goast, so they suck her up with a vacuum cleaner

"who you gonna call.ghost busters"

Rage Against The Return of The Dickhead Machines - Part3

BFB still held a grudge against Jenn and Lauren for killing his girlfriend (because no one else would have him). So then Lauren and Jenn totally kick his ass (matrix style because they where from the real world so had groovy powers 'Rage Against The Machine' playing in the background). (they even got funky glasses and long coats)!!! They also kicked woof, Charlie and squiggles assess too! But then GB comes back (cue dramatic music) so they blend her and pack her again and also put bits of her in a birthday cake and send it all to BFB for his birthday. But Charlie be a greedy pig, took the cake and ate it! But then its reviled that GBs in the cake! So Charlies sick and BFB kills him for eating his girlfriend. And then Traffic Light kills BFB for eating her ex. But then Woof eats traffic light for eating his only friend! And then Woofs brother says "hey that was mean! mother didnt bring you up like that 2 go around killing people!" and so Woof eats his bro. But then James (The One) kills Woof for killing his friend! So James joins the Matrix Gang and falls in love with Jenn (because she has to fall in love with The One, even though she isnt 'Trinity' coz Trinitys a bloke in leather, not a good look!).

Then Woof, Squiggles, BFB and GB all come back because theyre just machines! and we have to restart the real human race. So our merry gang go into the Matrix (pouring rain with Rage blasting in the back ground). Then we take Matt and Andy into the real world ("Take the blue pill and you'll wake up, and believe what you like. But take the red, you stay in wonderland, and i'll show you how deep the rabbit hole goes!").
 So "certain people" get it on. And we control our own ship ('The Groovesome'). And totally kick ass in the Matrix on lorries and stuff! But then GB turns real bad and is Agent Mrs Smiths, and turns everyone into her! And it ends up in a huge show down where James, Lauren and Jenn take 40000 of them on (and totally kick some Mrs Smith ass!). And then GB finally dies and we set everyone free, and we all live happily ever after. And everyone gets it on with someone else in "The Grovesome" crew, 'coz thats how happy ending are supposed to be!

 By Lauren "Morpheous" Wright and Jennerz Your God. All writing done courtesy of Lauren in a rather fabulous way!

Note: Any characters used in this story are members of our hate gang, apart from those that are seen as rather dudesome characters. If you were offended by any material that was in this page, then your gay, and there really is no point in your existence. You cannot sue me, because I say so, OK!

The Matrix

List of people for appologies in relation of this story: The makers of The Matrix, the stars of The Matrix,  any copyright laws prevnting me from saying anything else, all the people involved who didnt wish to be that were seen as cool. other (see below) dont desevre apologies.
List of people who don't deserve an appology: GB, BFB, Woof, Squigles, Traffic light, Charlie and all who I dont like were offended.