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Here is a nice little argument that you may encounter during your stay in France. "Jennerz Your God", with the fabulous help of "Babel Fish Translation", has translated this argument into French. Its not because I want to let the French benifit from this site, nor do I want to go over there and argue with them about their mothers. Basically, I did this purely for the fun of it. Enjoy!

Piere: "Votre mère a mangé mes ânes" - your mother ate my donkeys

Jean-Luc: "Maintenez vos ânes partis de ma mère alors" - Keep your donkeys away from my mother then

Piere: "Continuez votre âne manger la mère loin de ma ferme" - Keep your donkey eating mother away from my farm

Jean-Luc: "Elle aime des fermes que vous voyez..." - She likes farms you see....

Piere: "Si elle mord mon âne encore puis je tirerai votre mère!" - If she bites my donkey again then i will shoot your mother!

Jean-Luc: "Je mordrai votre âne si vous parlez de ma mère comme cela encore!" - I'll bite your ass if you talk about my mother like that again!

Piere: "Vous mordez mon âne et je donnerai un coup de pied l'outta de merde vôtre!" - You bite my ass and i'll kick the shit outta yours!

Jean-Luc: "Oh ouais!?" - Oh yeah!!

Piere: "OUAIS!!!" - YEAH!!!

"....Et ainsi le combat continue au sujet de l'âne mangeant la mère...."
....And so the fight continues about the donkey eating mother....

No French People were hurt/ tortured for translation information in the making of this web page